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🐈🐩 Should I Adopt a Special Needs Animal? 💖

It’s true, there are so many adoptable animals to choose from. Why should you choose one with special needs?

6.3 million animals enter shelters in the United States each year. With so many animals to choose from, many adopters opt for a young animal with no medical concerns. This often leaves seniors and animals with special needs waiting for homes for months or years, unwanted by the majority of people who walk through shelter doors.

Anyone who has adopted a special needs animal or senior will tell you how amazing they are, how much love they have to give, and how rewarding it is to give a home to an animal who has been in a shelter for far too long. But don’t take our word for it! These stories about special needs animals who found their dream homes will warm your heart. And perhaps they will inspire you to bring home a special needs cat or dog of your own.


With a cancer diagnosis, sweet 10-year-old Honey’s chances of getting adopted were slim. Then her knight in shining armor showed up.

Read Honey’s story here.


One of so many older cats with kidney disease, Zinfandel was in his second year of shelter life when he found the perfect PAW-rents.

Read Zinfandel’s story here.


Though not technically “special needs,” dogs and cats with behavioral challenges struggle to find homes, often waiting at the shelter for a year or more to be adopted, when all they really need is a human or family willing to work patiently and consistently with them on their behavior. Teddy was lucky enough to find those people and the loving home he deserved.

Read Teddy’s story here.


Diagnosed with both a thyroid condition and diabetes, senior kitty Vinny spent nearly a year at DCSPCA’s shelter before being adopted into his loving dream home.

Read Vinny’s story here.


With a terminal cancer diagnosis, we wondered if Diva would spend the rest of her days at the shelter. But then something wonderful happened.

Read Diva’s story here.

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