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RESCUE TAILS: Zinfandel (FKA Hugh)

After more than a year at the shelter, this sweet senior went to his dream home.

Before he was adopted, suave senior Zinfandel (FKA Hugh) spent a full year and four months at the DCSPCA shelter. We never stopped looking for his new family. Then they found us.

Zinfandel spent most of his time at DCSPCA as a resident of the administrative offices. He didn’t care much for other cats, so he had full reign of our office, where he could be the feline ruler of the land. Everyone in the office loved Zinfandel, but they all wanted him to find a home where he would receive the attention he deserved night and day.

Then an application came in from a family seeking a senior just like Hugh to add to their happy household. Makayla and Hannah brought Zinfandel home on February 10, 2023.

DCSPCA: What inspired you to adopt Zinfandel?

MAKAYLA & HANNAH: We knew we wanted to adopt someone who was less likely to be adopted, and the circumstances aligned perfectly. Lynne contacted us within minutes of submitting our application to tell us about a kitty who very badly needed a home like ours where he would be the only pet. When we met him, we immediately fell in love!

DCSPCA: How is Zinfandel doing in his new home?

MAKAYLA & HANNAH: He is settling in very nicely! He is not shy about asking for love and attention and is quick to say hello the moment he senses we are awake.

DCSPCA: What are his favorite things?

MAKAYLA & HANNAH: Zin LOVES being brushed! He also enjoys napping in his heated bed, exploring any and all cardboard boxes, and has recently discovered that the kitchen broom bristles make quite an entertaining toy!

DCSPCA: How has adopting Zinfandel changed your life?

MAKAYLA & HANNAH: It has been very exciting to grow our little family, and Zinfandel is a very welcome companion during days when we work opposite schedules and would ordinarily spend a lot of time alone. We feel so privileged to be able to spoil and shower him with love during his later years.

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