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The DCSPCA Adoption and Education Center: A large modern one-story building with a sidewalk.

About Dutchess County SPCA

Founded in 1871, Dutchess County SPCA is one of the oldest SPCAs in the country.  It is a no-kill shelter, and the only animal welfare organization in Dutchess County chartered to enforce humane law.  Dutchess County SPCA is not a governmental agency, nor is it affiliated with the ASPCA.  It is an independent charity, funded almost entirely by private donations.

A person smiling with a cat in their lap.


The Dutchess County SPCA is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill shelter.

  • We shelter animals in need and secure permanent homes for adoptable pets.

  • We provide practical and educational resources to the public to advance the highest standards of animal care and help keep pets in their homes.

  • We enforce humane law throughout Dutchess County.

  • We strive for a community in which all animals are treated with compassion and respect.

A child with a happy expression with a long-haired black-and-white cat who is looking at the child curiously.

Core Values

Holistic: We see the whole animal and are fair, compassionate and empathetic. We bring this same vision to members of the community and look at an individual and each situation with compassion and understanding.

Community Service: Helping animals means helping people. We believe the solutions to local challenges begin with our outreach to the community. We lead by example and with compassion for animals and their caretakers.

Welcoming and Inclusive: We strive to be non-judgmental. Everyone has a vision and a skill to offer. Diversity, both visible and invisible, makes our organization stronger. We encourage each other to embrace the diversity and the strengths each person brings into our organization.

Compassion: We approach each other, our community animals, and neighbors with love, kindness, understanding, and patience. We acknowledge that other perspectives and situations are different from our own and we strive to genuinely recognize the needs of other people or animals.

Integrity: We consistently act in a moral and ethical manner, even when we are alone. We recognize that our words and deeds are the building blocks for strong relationships with our teammates and the community.

A young child witha  happy expression looking at a long-haired black-and-white cat, who is looking back at them with curosity.
Half of a photograph of a group of people sitting  in front of and on a couch, with a black-and-white dog. The dog is sitting on the ground.


Executive Director:
Lynne Meloccaro, ext. 410, email:

Director of Operations:
Sandy Brockwell, ext. 434, email:

Director of Development:
Aubrey Fitzpatrick, ext. 436, email:

Director of Marketing:

Maya Schmidt, ext. 433, email:

Shelter Manager:
Dan O'Connell, ext. 435, email:

Intake / Surrenders Manager:
Carol O'Connell, ext. 403, email:

Volunteer Manager:


Half of a photograph of two people carrying a banner. Part of the banner is visible and reads: People Who Love Them.

Board Leadership

President– Catherine Lane
Vice President – Jack Fein
Secretary – Karen Blonder
Treasurer – Patrick Gartland


Charles Fells
Lauren Gillett
Robert P. Hayes
Fortunate Higgins
Susan Moore
Anthony Pagano
June Pierson

Sue Serino
Kyle Steller

Tommy Zurhellen

The Board

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