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This little guy overcame a tough past to finally find the loving home he deserves.

Teddy was one of those dogs who had behaviors that made some potential adopters nervous. Because of his experiences before he came to DCSPCA’s shelter, he was uneasy around people he didn’t trust. That didn’t stop Jenn and Keith from opening their hearts and home to him. After meeting Teddy and speaking with members of our kennel staff, they knew he was the dog for them, and they welcomed him into their life despite the challenges. They haven’t looked back.

DCSPCA: What inspired you to adopt Teddy?

JENN & KEITH: We were dealt an awful blow in late 2022 when we lost our senior brothers (dogs) within 40 days of each other. After Cooper passed we saw Teddy on the website but unfortunately Parker got sick. When Parker passed, Teddy was still there. We wanted a dog who might have difficulty finding a home. Honestly we fell in love with Teddy’s picture and felt it was meant to be. We both have allergies so we needed a hypoallergenic pup.

DCSPCA: What were some of the challenges you faced when you first brought Teddy home?

JENN & KEITH: We were used to 2 very mellow senior pups so we had to learn to give Teddy his space to become comfortable. Because of his past life he definitely could be easily triggered into a fear response. We had to learn to be very mindful of our interactions. For example, Teddy didn’t like to be pet on certain spots on his back.

DCSPCA: How have you helped Teddy overcome his challenges?

JENN & KEITH: Boiled chicken, TLC, and a lot of walks and playtime. Also, making sure he has his own space is key. Teddy needs to feel safe and secure. He also has a ton of energy. Helping Teddy get rid of that energy lets him be more calm and happy. We also have met with a great trainer and are working on Teddy’s fear of the vet.

DCSPCA: How has Teddy changed since you brought him home?

JENN & KEITH: Teddy is truly the ultimate lapdog. He’s really come into his own as a very sweet, lovable, happy goofball. When put in the right direction he shines bright. He’s curious about everything and is constantly exploring.

DCSPCA: How has Teddy changed your life for the better?

JENN & KEITH: Having Teddy is kismet. We needed him as much as he needed us. He has brought sunshine back into our lives and has helped us to be more present and grateful each day. Oh and we are walking and hiking a lot more.

DCSPCA: What would you say to someone who is nervous about adopting a dog who has behavioral hurdles to overcome?

JENN & KEITH: At the advice of Keith’s mom, we brought Teddy toys when we visited him. Also, boiled chicken is your friend. Positive reinforcement is key and honestly, time heals. It really does. And be kind to yourself; your pup has probably been through a lot and helping him create good memories to replace the bad will help with behavior challenges.

DCSPCA: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about Teddy?

JENN & KEITH: Teddy loves sunny spots and watching the birds and turkeys out the window. He’s learning not to bark when he hears a doorbell on TV. He’s very social and has been making a lot of friends in our neighborhood. He makes life better.

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