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With a cancer diagnosis, sweet senior Honey’s chances of getting adopted were slim. Then her knight in shining armor showed up.

When stunningly beautiful and sweet 10-year-old dog Honey was brought to DCSPCA in October as a stray we set out to find a home where she could happily live out her senior years. However, we soon found out that Honey had cancer. That meant not only did she need a home that could give this golden girl the love she deserved, but she needed someone who could care for her in the face of cancer. That person was Jason, who showed up in January. Without hesitation, he took Honey home, where she is now comfy and content, living out her final days playing and lounging with her adopted dad.

DCSPCA: What inspired you to adopt sweet Honey?

JASON: In 2018 I put to rest my 12 year old black lab named Bailey. The last 7 months we spent together she showed me how resilient dogs can be and just how much life she had left in her. That experience opened my eyes to how important it was for her to have people that loved and cared for her, and ultimately inspired me to adopt Honey.

DCSPCA: What was Honey like when she first came home?

JASON: Honey had a nervous excitement when I first brought her home. She was a little confused initially, but loved all of the attention and affection that my family and friends gave her. She didn't have much of an appetite for the first week. But otherwise she settled in quickly. She was very well mannered and playful.

DCSPCA: How has Honey changed since she's been home?

JASON: Her appetite has improved since she settled in, and I was able to figure out what foods she really liked. While Honey is always ready to play in the yard or go for a walk, she's perfectly content lounging on the couch and sleeping in on mornings.

DCSPCA: What are some of Honey's favorite things to do?

JASON: Honey likes to take walks through the neighborhood, and while she doesn't care much for fetch, she loves to play “Keep Away” from me with her tennis balls (she always wins). She’s a sucker for belly rubs and cuddling on the couch, but her absolute favorite thing is going for rides in the truck while sticking her head out the window.

DCSPCA: How has Honey changed your life?

JASON: It had been years since I last had a dog. Honey reminded me how much I loved and missed the affection that only a dog can show you. She has convinced me to continue adopting senior dogs, including those with special needs in the future.

DCSPCA: What would you tell others who wonder if they should adopt a special needs senior?

JASON: Puppies are cute but nothing will melt your heart like the head nudges, cuddling, and kisses that you get from a senior dog that knows you gave it a second chance and a place to call home. The way senior dogs with special needs convey their love and gratitude for your care feels really unique. It’s made me realize just how important it is to them to feel that they belong, and that they're loved. Providing that is the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

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