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After nearly a year at the shelter, this beloved senior kitty has found his furever home.

Vinny came to Dutchess County SPCA's shelter in November of 2021 at 11 years old. This handsome, dignified senior cat was found as a stray in Wappingers Falls, New York. Though his health challenges were great, including a thyroid condition and diabetes, everyone at DCSPCA held out hope that the right human would come along and give him the loving home he truly deserved.

That person appeared nearly 1 full year later. On October 1, 2022 Vinny went home to his forever home with Julie. We talked with her to find out how Vinny is doing in his new life.

DCSPCA: How did you come to adopt Vinny?

JULIE: My cat Samuel passed away about 6 months ago so I thought it was time to adopt another cat. I have only adopted special needs animals for the past 20 years, so I headed to the SPCA looking for another special animal. I went to a few rooms but then saw a little guy in a cage and was asked if I wanted to meet him. Of course I did and he crawled out of the cage onto my chest. At that point, I was sold, despite the health issues he had. Vinny was diabetic and had thyroid problems, and was 12... He was so sweet, I just fell in love with him.

DCSPCA: Have you given him a new name?

JULIE: We kept the name Vinny, it fits him so well. Sometimes we call him “stilts” because he has really long legs!

DCSPCA: What is Vinny like in his new home?

JULIE: Vinny is chill. He just likes to hangout on the bed or couch. He loves to sit on your chest when you are in bed, ESPECIALLY if breakfast time is soon, so he can remind you that feeding time is near. There is a perfect little place on the windowsill in the sunroom where he sits and watches the birds outside. He also likes following people around the house. Vinny is a lovebug. I can't imagine a sweeter cat!

DCSPCA: How has your life been changed by adopting Vinny?

JULIE: Our lives have changed for the better! He is a prime example of why people should consider adopting special needs animals. He is a superstar at our new vet; they all love him to pieces because he is such a loving boy. He literally walks up to everyone there and purrs so loudly while they examine him.

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