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😻 Meet Some of This Week's Adorable Adoptables (5/14/24) 🐹

Please submit your adoption application before coming in to meet your next furry family member.

Meet just a few of the many wonderful animals available for adoption this week at Dutchess County SPCA

Please fill out an application before you visit to begin the adoption process.

Then, come meet your next furry family member! DCSPCA is open Tue-Sun 12pm-5pm.


The essentials: I’m a 2-year-old 5lb girl!

Why you should adopt me:

  • I’m a loving girl who will blossom into the sweetest companion once I’ve settled in.

  • I love some chin scratches & gentle pets! I’ll reward your affection with soft purrs & by kneading biscuits.

  • I’m a resilient girl who came to the shelter with a broken pelvis. The DCSPCA took care of me, and now I’m ready to get cozy a dream home with you!

My ideal home: I’d be happy with a solo adult or family with kids. A comfy couch and some places to sit in the sun would be much appreciated.


The essentials: We are bonded 9-week-old sister kittens!

Why you should adopt us: 

  • Because we are as magical as we look!

  • We are sweet siblings who will bring oodles of fun and lots of love into your home.

  • We are babies who will grow up as part of your family.

My ideal home: We’re looking for a loving human or family who will give us the care and love we need as we grow up.


The essentials: I’m a 12-year-old 11lb girl!

Why you should adopt me:

  • I’m a stunning beauty with a sparkling personality to match!

  • I am the epitome of grace and gentleness.

  • I’m great with kids over 5 years old.

My ideal home: I’m looking for a tranquil home where I can sunbathe for hours, and also cuddle with my family when we’ve all settled down for the day.


The essentials: I’m a 2-year-old 2lb boy!

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I’m the itty-bittiest bear you will ever meet!

  • I’m an affectionate guy who will remind you every day just how loved you are.

  • I’m curious and cute–a great combination!

My ideal home: I’m looking for a nice, clean space to live in, healthy food, and veterinary care when I need it. I love kids, but an adult should oversee my care.


The essentials: I’m a 10-month-old 43lb German Shepherd girl!

Why you should adopt me:

  • I’m a sweet young pup looking for my dream home.

  • I’m eager to please!

  • I’m the loyal companion you’ve been dreaming of.

My ideal home: I’m a young and growing girl, so I’m looking for someone who will spend some time with me on my training.


The essentials: I’m a 1-year-old 48lb girl!

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I’m sweet & friendly!

  • I enjoy fun outdoor adventures and playtime.

  • I get along with cats and am open to meeting other dogs!

My ideal home: I’m a medium-sized girl who gets along with kitty cats. I'm also open to meeting other dogs.


The essentials: I’m a 4-year-old 59lb boy!

Why you should adopt me:

  • I’m the goodest boy: sweet, playful, and loving.

  • At 4 years old, I’m out of the puppy years but still very youthful.

  • I was found as a stray but am done walking the streets. I am 100% ready for my loving new family.

My ideal home: I really don’t have a lot of demands. All I want is a loving someone or family who will give me the attention and care I deserve. I’d be a great family dog in a home where any kids are over 5 years old.

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