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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Making Way For More Animals

We are excited to announce that construction of our new clinic and new dog kennels will begin on April 3. These new state-of-the-art kennels are going to make our shelter a much better place for the dogs who we care for and will increase our capacity to provide shelter to animals in need. Due to temporarily restricted housing capacity during construction, for the next few months DCSPCA is limiting its intake of animals.

We know that surrendering an animal is a heartbreaking decision to make, and we want to offer you as much support as possible. If you have a pet who you are considering surrendering, we urge you to avail yourself of one of the programs we have in place to help you keep your pet or rehome them:

☎ Pet food pantry: Call (845) 452-7722 x412 🩺 Low cost medical services: 🏡 Use our Home to Home rehoming program:

Currently, you can schedule your surrender for a later date in the fall or we can offer you a place on our waiting list.

If your need is urgent, please contact us at (845) 452-7722 x403 to explore other resources to help you. We appreciate your understanding and we look forward once construction is finished to helping even more pets and the people who love them.

Please send us a private message with any questions.

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