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Welcome to a World of SuperHumane Beings

Accomplished creative director and fine artist Bruce Arendash creates SuperHumane campaign in support of DCSPCA.

We all have the power to change animals’ lives for the better. This makes each and every one of us a SuperHumane Being. That is the message of DCSPCA’s new media campaign and logo, created by Bruce Arendash.

Bruce Arendash is an award-winning advertising creative director now living in Woodstock, New York. His career spans many years working for top New York agencies including Lintas Worldwide, Grey Advertising, and McCann Erickson. He has art directed and written ad campaigns for major clients such as Cover Girl, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Citizen Watch, Kraft, 3M, Sprint, Hanes, and Coca-Cola. Bruce is also a painter, currently working on a series of surrealistic cows. His home is on the studio site of American master painter George Bellows, where he lives with his wife, Carmel, and their beloved dog, Lexi.

Bruce created the compelling SuperHumane Being campaign after visiting DCSPCA’s shelter.

He was inspired by the animals and the organization to do something to help. His campaign reminds us that within each of us are superpowers to create change for other living beings, if we only tap into them.

Bruce agreed to answer a few questions about the campaign, and share his creative process.

DCSPCA: You have a long and successful career in advertising, can you please tell us about it?

BRUCE: I’ve always been a diversely creative person. I could draw, write, and design. Those particular talents propelled me into a career in advertising which is the perfect world for me to thrive in. What has always motivated me is the need to communicate with people heart to heart. Wisdom, humor, music, love, visual beauty are the conduits I use to connect with an audience. If an idea resonates with me emotionally I will explore all those channels to share that feeling with others. It’s very rewarding when they are motivated to take action as a result of my efforts.

DCSPCA: What inspired you to create a campaign for DCSPCA?

BRUCE: Fortunately the stars aligned the day I met the folks from DCSPCA. I was introduced to them by my good friend John Storyk who is a world-renowned architect and acoustician and former chairman of the Walkway Over the Hudson. He has donated his time and talent in improving and expanding DCSPCA’s facilities. After meeting with Lynne Meloccaro and her team at the shelter I felt I could help them boost adoptions and donations with new branding and advertising that they were looking for. Of course, after meeting so many of the available pets I was all in.

DCSPCA: Can you tell us about the creative process for the SuperHumane Being campaign

(and our new logo)?

BRUCE: The SuperHumane Being campaign started from the notion that every one of us has the power to help animals in need. The power of compassion, care, love and generosity which are so basic but can serve as “superpowers” to help a homeless kitten or a mistreated dog. The campaign lets people know there’s a special place they can contact, the DCSPCA, where they can use those powers to change the life of an animal and themselves as well. It’s meant to make everyone understand how really heroic they can be.

The new logo symbolizes DCSPCA’s deeply compassionate mission by incorporating a larger-than-life hand reaching out to needy animals. It stands for all at DCSPCA and is an emotional brand image everyone can support.

DCSPCA: What was most important to you in creating the campaign?

BRUCE: It was important that I got to know the people at DCSPCA and channel their values, that’s where the voice of this campaign comes from. It makes the message very genuine and


DCSPCA: Your talents are in high demand. Why did you choose to help the animals of DCSPCA?

BRUCE: This has been a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in people’s and animals lives that’s not measured in dollars and cents. Lynne and her team’s kindness and dedication to their mission have made this one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. I can’t wait to see the results.

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