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💖😺🐶 Meet Some of This Week's Adorable Adoptables - Disney Pixar Edition 🎬🍿

DCSPCA is open for adoptions Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm.

All of the adorable adoptable animals at DCSPCA are deserving of the spotlight, so this week we’re imagining them as stars in their very own animated movies. Read all about our celebrity cats, dogs, and guinea pigs below.

We encourage you to fill out an application before you come in to begin the adoption process.

Then visit the shelter to meet your newest furry family member!

Read about all of DCSPCA's adoptable pets here.


Blitzen is a striking 6-year-old male German Shepherd with a heart full of love. This charming guy found his way to our shelter due to his previous owner's housing predicaments. Blitzen is working on self-improvement where socializing is concerned. However, he forms a deep, trusting bond once comfortable, particularly with women, becoming an incredibly devoted companion.

Blitzen revels in the great outdoors, whether he's accompanying you on tranquil walks or simply relaxing in your presence. Playful at heart, he cherishes interactive moments, although he prefers to be the only pet, the star of your show.

Ready for unwavering loyalty? Blitzen awaits, eager to embark on a loving, permanent journey together.


Gigi is a lovable 5-year-old, 77 lb canine companion who brings joy wherever she goes. With a passion for pool play, she can spend hours splashing around and enjoying the water. Gigi would love nothing more than to cozy up beside you and indulge in some quality TV time. Her relaxed and laid-back nature makes her an ideal snuggle buddy for those lazy evenings.

Gigi has a discerning taste when it comes to furry friends, but she generally gets along well with other dogs once she's had a chance to assess their personalities. Nevertheless, her true affection lies with humans. Gigi craves human attention and readily reciprocates with endless love and adoration.

If you're seeking a canine companion who knows how to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and shower you with affection, Gigi is the perfect match.


Cutie Stevie is a social butterfly, displaying friendliness to both dogs and humans alike. With her playful nature and boundless energy, she is the perfect companion for an active and fun-loving family.

Stevie's favorite game is fetch, and she can spend hours joyfully retrieving her favorite toys. Stevie is looking for a home without small children, where her enthusiastic playfulness won't overwhelm little ones.

Although Stevie may benefit from some training to refine her manners, her endearing personality and affectionate nature make her a wonderful addition to a loving household without young children. With the right guidance and care, she is ready to share her heart and bring endless joy to her new family. Don't miss the chance to give this playful pup the loving home she deserves!


Meet Tofu & Nugget, a delightful bonded pair of 6 month old guinea pigs who are

eagerly seeking their dream home. These charming little bundles of love captivate hearts with their irresistible cuteness and love of each other.

Together, they bring double the joy and companionship to any household lucky enough to adopt them. Tofu's gentle nature and Nugget's playful spirit complement each other perfectly, ensuring endless entertainment and warmth for their future family.


Meet Brownie, the enchanting 3-year-old long-haired brown tabby female cat, patiently awaiting her dream home. This lovely feline is a true beauty, with her luscious, silky fur and captivating eyes that could melt anyone's heart.

Brownie's sweet and affectionate nature is one of her most endearing qualities. She's a gentle soul who craves love and companionship. Sadly, she found herself at the shelter due to her elderly owner's inability to care for her any longer. But now, Brownie is looking forward to a fresh start and a loving family to call her own.


Sophie is a beautiful 10-year-old tortie female cat brimming with affection and warmth. A true lovebug at heart, Sophie's greatest joy comes from being petted and snuggled. Her endearing personality is matched only by her striking coat, a beautiful tapestry of colors that mirrors her vibrant spirit.

Though Sophie carries the weight of FeLV, a chronic condition that can be contagious to fellow felines, she remains an unwavering optimist. This spirited cat, full of life, has much to give and receive in return. With proper care and attention, Sophie can enjoy a fulfilling and long life. She seeks a special home where she can be the sole feline queen or share her space with other FeLV companions.

Embrace the opportunity to provide Sophie the chance she so richly deserves.


Bootsy is a charming 1-year-old female tuxedo cat who is ready to steal your heart and make your home complete. Bootsy is the epitome of friendliness, with a personality that shines as bright as her adorable tuxedo markings. This lovable feline isn't shy about her affection—she'll eagerly approach you for pets and cuddles, making her the perfect companion for anyone seeking a warm and affectionate furry friend.

With her inquisitive eyes and playful nature, Bootsy will bring joy and endless entertainment to your life. If you're looking for a delightful, sociable, and irresistibly adorable feline to share your home with, Bootsy is the cat you've been waiting for. Don't miss out on the chance to bring this wonderful companion into your life.

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