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🐹🐶 Meet Some of This Week's Adorable Adoptables (4/30/24) 😻

Please submit your adoption application before coming in to meet your next furry family member.

Meet just a few of the many wonderful animals available for adoption this week at Dutchess County SPCA

Please fill out an application before you visit to begin the adoption process.

Then, come meet your next furry family member! DCSPCA is open Tue-Sun 12pm-5pm.


The essentials: I’m a 1-year-old 5lb girl cat

Why you should adopt me: 

  • As a young cat, I’m looking forward to growing up as part of your family!

  • I’m a long-haired beauty who enjoys being admired!

  • I’m gentle and full of sweetness.

My ideal home: I’m looking for a gentle human or human family. I love a quiet space to live in. If you enjoy a peaceful home as much as I do, I’m the perfect girl for you.


The essentials: I’m a 2-year-old 7lb boy cat

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I’m on a mission to show the world just how much love I have.

  • I love gentle pets and chin scratches!

  • I’m open to meeting other cats.

My ideal home: I’d like a patient human who will allow me just a little bit of time to get comfortable before we start hanging out. Then I anticipate we will be inseparable best friends!


The essentials: I’m a 5-year-old 13lb boy cat

Why you should adopt me:

  • I’m an outgoing and curious guy.

  • I get along with other cats!

  • I love greeting my human pals with chirps in the morning before breakfast.

My ideal home: I love lounging, so some comfy spots in the sunshine would be nice. I have nothing against children, but I’d prefer to be in a home without them.


The essentials: We are 2-year-old bonded boy Guinea pigs.

Why you should adopt us: 

  • We are sweet & petite!

  • We don’t need a lot of space and will be perfectly happy in an apartment or small house.

  • We are a bonded pair who will keep each other company while you’re busy.

Our ideal home: We are looking for a nice, clean space to live in, healthy food, and veterinary care when we need it. We love kids, but an adult should oversee our care.


The essentials: I’m a 10-year-old 62lb boy!

Why you should adopt me:

  • I am the happiest boy with the biggest smile, and I LOVE people. 

  • I will fill your heart with love and your face with my doggie kisses.

  • I love a ride! Let’s go on a road trip together.

My ideal home: Do you like car rides and walks? ME TOO! I’m a big guy, so I’m looking for a home where any children are over 12 years old. BONUS: I’m open to meeting other dogs. 


The essentials: I’m a 3-year-old 11lb girl dog

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I’m a cute & friendly Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua mix!

  • I’m a little lady who will meet many apartment buildings' weight restrictions.

  • I’ve lived with other dogs & kids!

My ideal home: I’m a friendly girl who gets along with children and could be the perfect family companion animal.


The essentials: I’m a 3-year-old 16lb boy dog

Why you should adopt me: 

  • My sweetness knows no bounds.

  • I’ve lived with other dogs and children!

  • I’m a cute Poodle boy.

My ideal home: I thrive in a social environment and am open to meeting other dogs. I also like kids! I’d make a wonderful family dog for your kids to grow up with.

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