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💝 Meet Some of This Week's Adorable Adoptables (11/13/2023) - Sweet Seniors 😺🐶

Please submit your adoption application before coming in to meet your next furry family member.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month and so for this week's Adorable Adoptables we're shining a spotlight on cats and dogs who are aged to perfection and looking for PAWrents who will give them the loving homes they deserve. The extra years have given these adorable cats and dogs even more character, personality, and appreciation of life and the people who care for them. Let them fill your heart with all of the love that they have to give.

You can read all about why a senior might be your best match here: "5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet."

We encourage you to fill out an application before you come in to begin the adoption process.

Then visit the shelter to meet your newest furry family member!

Read about all of DCSPCA's adoptable pets here.


Golden girl Tortellini is a radiant 10-year-old dilute tortoiseshell cat who was found as a stray and now blesses our shelter with her sweet nature and elegant demeanor. Age hasn't dimmed her playful spirit. Her tender purrs and affectionate nudges speak volumes about her loving heart. This delightful lady has hyperthyroidism, a condition common in older cats, which can be easily managed with daily medication.

Tortellini is ready for her big break and a loving spot in a dream home, a place where her warmth, resilience, and charm will be fully appreciated. If you're seeking a mature, loving feline friend who will fill your life with cuddles and affection, Tortellini can’t wait to meet you.


Sylvie is an enchanting 10-year-old gray cat with flowing Fabio-like hair, eagerly waiting for her dream home. Her tale began when she was discovered abandoned in front of the shelter, suffering from neglect and in dire need of medical attention. With tender care and devotion, we nursed her back to health. Despite the challenges she has faced, Sylvie's spirit remains unwaveringly sweet and affectionate. Now this super senior is ready to embrace a new chapter in life.

As an endearing companion, Sylvie craves love and human companionship. She has a unique charm that captivates everyone she meets. She has a moderate heart murmur that needs monitoring and possible management later in life. Routine annual visits to the vet will ensure she receives all the care she needs to lead a happy, fulfilling life with her future family.


Adorable oldie AND goodie Wafflez is a 15-year-old white and orange cat who is eagerly looking for his dream home. Full of affection to give to his new family, this lovable retiree is sure to steal your heart. Wafflez cherishes cuddles and delights in basking in warm sunlight by the window, his favorite spot to observe the world outside.

Though he has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, his condition is well-managed with medication, and it never dampens his spirits! Additionally, Wafflez has a mild heart murmur, but that doesn't stop him from spreading his love abundantly. He remains resilient and brings joy to anyone lucky enough to know him.

Wafflez yearns for a loving home where he can share his unwavering affection and companionship. If you're seeking a loyal and endearing feline companion, Wafflez might be the perfect match for you.


Meet Loni Anderson, a delightful 12-year-old female brown and white tabby cat who is aged to perfection. Loni's vibrant personality shines through despite her FeLV diagnosis. This charming feline is seeking a forever home where she can be your sole kitty companion, or share her space with other FeLV-positive cats.

Loni's contagious enthusiasm for life defies her condition. With proper care and attention, she can enjoy a normal life. Loni is looking forward to lots of snuggles, and showering you with purrs of contentment. She has a playful spirit that knows no bounds. Loni's dream is to find a serene sanctuary, a quiet haven filled with the love she so richly deserves.


Meet one-of-a-kind Sofie, a delightful 9-year-old, 62-pound girl waiting for her human soulmate to walk through the shelter doors. Could it be you?

Sofie found herself at the shelter when her previous owner could no longer provide the care she deserved. Despite her challenging circumstances, her heart remains open to new beginnings and unconditional love. She gets along with children and other dogs!

Sofie is the perfect companion for a lounge on the sofa, watching movies together (or reading a book), or a delightful stroll on a rail trail. She is an all around good girl and a gentle soul.


Meet sweet senior Scotty, a charming 10-year-old, 73-pound mixed breed dog who is eagerly awaiting his dream home. This adorable boy found himself at the shelter when his previous owner could no longer care for him, and he's been feeling a bit stressed in the shelter environment. Scotty is a loyal companion who enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like a good game of tug of war or a fun round of fetch.

Scotty is a well-trained dog who knows his commands and is eager to please. To help manage his anxiety, he would thrive in a calm and loving home with no other dogs or children. With the right family, Scotty promises to be a devoted and loyal friend who will bring joy and happiness to your life.


With her adorable underbite, 8-year-old Akita and English Bulldog mix Gia will charm you from the moment you lay eyes on her.

Gia's ideal home would be one where she can shine as the only pet, allowing her to bask in the undivided attention and love of her new family. Because of her size and strength, we are recommending a home with children aged 12 and above, making her an excellent choice for families with older kids.

Gia’s is a loyal lady and she will be a devoted and vigilant companion, always ready to keep her loved ones safe.

If you're seeking an extraordinary canine companion with a heart full of love, Gia is eagerly waiting to become a cherished member of your family.

ssMeet loving and affectionate Roxy, a delightful 10-year-old 65-pound Dutch Shepherd looking for her second chance at a happy life. With a heart full of sweetness, this lovable girl's energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Roxy's favorite pastimes include running and playing, and she's always up for an adventure with her new family.

A true attention-seeker, Roxy’s gentle and kind nature makes her a good companion for children though her size and enthusiasm might be too much for very young children. Roxy gets along with most other dogs, but would prefer a home without feline companions!

Roxy's endearing personality makes her a gentle giant. If you're looking for a loving, active, and loyal furry friend, Roxy might be the perfect addition to your family.

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