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Meet the DCSPCA cats! We're offering 25% off adoption fees for adult cats throughout June (National Adopt a Cat Month).

It’s graduation season, and so we asked DCSPCA’s cat care team to let us know the suPURRlatives for our current class of adoptable kitties.

Here's what they said:


Although a little reserved at the shelter, Bowie is a sweet and affectionate boy who adores treats. He loves enjoying a snack and being pet by the care staff he has befriended here. He just takes some time to adjust to his new surroundings but once he feels comfortable, he'll be your loving and loyal companion.

Bowie has been diagnosed with early stage chronic kidney disease, which is common in cats of his age, but it's easily managed by a special diet.

Bowie dreams of finding a loving family who will offer him a safe and comfortable environment to spend his golden years. Can you be the one to give him the dream home he deserves? Bowie will be your little starman, and in return, you'll be his hero.


Meet Dazey, a beautiful 2-year-old white and tabby-patched cat who is looking for her new home. Dazey is a big girl, weighing in at 14lbs, with a stunning coat that is sure to turn heads.

Dazey is a lovely cat who is litter-box trained and very tidy, making her an excellent companion. She is looking for a home where she can relax and soak up the love and attention of her human family.

Dazey is a bit particular about her living situation and would do best in a home without dogs or children under the age of 6. While she is selective with other cats, she may be able to live with a feline friend after a proper introduction process.

If you're looking for a stunning and loyal feline companion, consider this lovely lady.


With her striking beauty and majestic presence, 8-year-old Evie loves to lounge in her favorite spot, calmly observing the world around her. Each morning, she enjoys warmly greeting her human companions and would relish the opportunity to cuddle up on a cozy cat bed to watch TV with her new BFF. While Evie adores affection, she also values her personal space and appreciates those who respect her boundaries. Do you have what it takes to offer this regal lady the royal treatment she deserves in a loving dream home?


Gabby's name is no accident—she's a conversationalist who loves engaging with her human pals. Not only is she a master of chatter, she's also affectionate and loyal, sticking by your side through thick and thin. Despite her manageable thyroid condition, Gabby's spirit is simply unstoppable! She’s armed with a daily medication routine that keeps her healthy and active. She delights in sharing her opinions, providing companionship that is both lively and comforting. Gabby thrives in being the star of the show, and thus she's on a quest for a loving home where she can shine as the solo pet. Come meet Gabby—she's excited to start a new chapter filled with conversation, cuddles, and heaps of love!


Meet Annie, an incredibly charming 8-year-old cat who is looking for her new family. Annie loves to play, and her favorite pastime is chasing cat wands. When she's not playing, Annie enjoys loafing next to her humans while they give her chin scratches.

Annie is a special kitty who suffers from Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS), a neurological condition that causes small focal seizures. She is currently on an anti-seizure medication twice a day, and will likely need to take this medication indefinitely.

Although Annie requires a bit of extra care due to her condition, she is a wonderful cat who would make a great companion for the right person or family.

If you're looking for a sweet and playful companion who will greet you every morning with chirps and purrs, Annie is the cat for you. Despite her medical condition, she has so much love to give and is ready to be someone's new cuddle buddy.


Tortilla is a delightful cat who is just like a burrito, filled with all kinds of goodness. She's a friendly and chatty kitty who loves to greet her human friends every morning during breakfast time.

Tortilla is a big-time talker and enjoys having a little hangout and chat with her human companions. She loves to play, especially with cat wands! (However, cat treats are the surest way to her heart.) She LOVES attention but asks that her future PAWrents respect her boundaries. Tortilla is a great communicator and will let you know when she'd like some independent relaxation time.

It's worth noting that any children in Tortilla's future home should be over 12 years old. If you're looking for a loving and playful feline companion who will brighten up your days with her energy and enthusiasm, Tortilla might just be the perfect fit for you.


Say hello to Falcon! This handsome guy's favorite thing is other cats. He's a very docile kitty who is extremely cat friendly and has been known to befriend every cat that shares a room with him. He's shown to even be a great companion for shyer cats who have entered the shelter so he'd love to go to a home with other feline friends.

Falcon is not a fan of being cuddled or picked up but is learning to enjoy petting with the help of his FAVORITE treat, Delectables Squeeze Ups.

Falcon is a special kitty who was diagnosed with FIV and mild dental disease. Due to his FIV+ status and his previous dental care we recommend annual exams with your veterinarian.

The perfect day for Falcon would be playing with his new feline friends and then taking a cat nap in the sun. If this sounds like your cat's and your ideal day, then you and Falcon would make a great team!


Miss Kitty is a 12-year-old feline queen who's young at heart and one of the most affectionate cats around. Friendly with people, she will be a welcoming presence to your home, without any youthful mischief.

More than just a senior cat, she is a confidante, a silent therapist, and a purr machine running on love. Her goal? A warm bed, a loving family, and a cozy spot on the couch with you. Miss Kitty is ready to fill your home with soothing purrs and loads of affection. If you're up for growing older, wiser, and happier together, Miss Kitty could be your perfect companion.

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