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Trucker Risks His Life to Save Innocent Kitten

When he spotted a tiny kitten in the road, this brave driver wouldn’t leave him there.

It’s hard to think of a scarier scenario than a tiny kitten on a busy highway, but that’s exactly where baby Bandit found himself, right in the middle of a major thoroughfare. As cars zoomed by, the little kitten narrowly escaped with his life when his leg was injured by a passing vehicle.

In a show of true bravery, a trucker spotted little Bandit in the road and pulled over. He ran out into traffic, risking life and limb, to scoop up the sweet ginger kitty.

Bandit was brought to the Dutchess County SPCA where he was diagnosed with and treated for a fractured tibia and fibula on his back left leg. He spent two months recovering from his injuries in a foster home, and soon he was ready to be adopted.

Then, at the end of August, Bandit found his forever home! Recovered from his injuries,

thanks to the bravery of a passerby, DCSPCA’s excellent medical team, a caring foster, and his new family, Bandit can now go on to live a happy, safe, and healthy life in a loving forever home.

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