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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

❤️🥬🏡 After 8 long months of waiting, this adorable bunny hopped into her loving dream home.

Whisper is a big, beautiful, sweet, and friendly rabbit–the perfect furry companion. It was a mystery why she was still looking for a loving dream home after 8 months at DCSPCA. Sharon met Whisper when she’d adopted another bunny, Minx (FKA Harey Potter). She couldn’t forget sweet Whisper. In July Sharon returned to DCSPCA to take home the adorable big bunny who had already burrowed into her heart.

DCSPCA: How did you come to adopt Whisper?

SHARON: Back in March of this year, I had adopted Minx (FKA Harey Potter) from you guys after eyeing her on the website for months. I noticed that Whisper was also available for adoption. When I went to meet Minx, as she and my other rabbit Marshmallow were getting to know each other, I asked about Whisper. A couple of months went by and no one had adopted her. It broke my heart. I told my dad I wanted to adopt her if she was still available by the end of the year, as I felt she would fit in perfectly with my other two. On my birthday, in July, my dad told me to go get her and two days later she came home.

DCSPCA: How has she settled into her home?

SHARON: It's only been a couple of months since I’ve adopted her–it feels like I've had her the longest, as she’s that comfortable and happy to be here.

DCSPCA: What are some of her favorite things?

SHARON: I’m still discovering her likes and dislikes, but some of her favorite things are her litter box (loves laying and taking naps in there, also her favorite place to eat hay), loves her veggies and fruits [some of which are (but not limited to) romaine lettuce, spinach, strawberries, and bananas]. For toys, she loves her wand cat toy and the stacking cups meant for babies, as well as apple tree branches. Oh, and she’s huge on marking everything as hers by rubbing her chin over it, including my hand.

DCSPCA: How has adopting her changed your life?

SHARON: Whisper is the bunny I never knew I needed. She’s unlike any other bunny I’ve had. To be honest I don’t know how to describe the feeling I get when I look into her eyes. Just knowing that this beautiful soul is in my life is such an honor. Whisper has brought an incredible amount of joy and happiness into my life since the day of her adoption. Since bringing Whisper home, Minx has calmed down a lot. Before she was very high energy and constantly keeping me on my toes but now she’s mellowed. Marshmallow has also had a change in behavior as well since Whisper came home–she's more active and has come out of her shell a little more. Before Whisper, it always felt like someone was missing in my little rabbit family, and when I met her I knew she was the one who was missing.

DCSPCA: What would you say to someone who is considering adopting a rabbit?

SHARON: Please, do your research before adopting a rabbit, I cannot stress that enough. Owning a rabbit is as expensive and time consuming as a cat or a dog. Just like a toddler, they will make a mess and they will get into things they aren't supposed to if you aren't careful. Please make sure the area you wish to have your rabbit in is 100% rabbit proof and provide lots of toys or they will chew the furniture if available. Also being that they are prey animals, some rabbits (especially those who are rescued) may not enjoy being handled/held. Please respect their boundaries and only do so if absolutely needed. On the topic of them being prey animals, they have the tendency of hiding their illnesses/injuries, so please keep a careful eye on them and notify their vet if anything seems off. If you do adopt one, you’ll find your life filled with lots of laughter and happiness, just like you would with a dog or a cat.

DCSPCA: Is there anything else you’d like to share about adopting Whisper?

SHARON: I believe one of the main reasons it took so long for her to be adopted is because she is a “Red Eye White,” which is considered by some as “evil”. Whisper is the opposite of evil, and to anyone who overlooked her for that reason alone, just know you missed out on a very sweet and loving rabbit. Don’t be quick to judge an animal based on their looks, take the time to get to know them before deciding.

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