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Kittens are Cute, but Cats are Captivating

Meet Some of This Week’s Adoptable Pets!

Of course kittens are ridiculously adorable! But have you considered the advantages of getting the finished product?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits to adopting a grown-up cat that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Grown cats are “Insta-Pets.” They’re litter-trained, their personalities are established, and there are few behavioral surprises.

Kittens are wonderful, but they require a huge amount of care and attention. If you are working outside of your house or have a lifestyle that takes you away from your home often, a kitten would not be a great match.

Grown cats, however, don’t require the socialization of a baby. They are more independent and will typically be perfectly happy to lounge while you work, and then greet you when you return.

Most importantly, a grown cat will fill your home with love. And you will know that you are giving a wonderful and deserving animal all of the care and affection that they deserve.

Throughout August DCSPCA is teaming up with NBC and Telemundo for Clear the Shelters! Adopt this Wednesday - Sunday and receive 50% off adoption fees for adult animals.

DCSPCA is open for adoptions Wednesday-Sunday: 12-5pm.

Here are just a few of the adult cats available for adoption at DCSPCA.


A super-friendly green-eyed tuxedo cat, Sphinx will light up your home with his warmth and chatty meows. Sphinx is 2 years old, so he is still youthful, with all of the benefits of an adult cat.


We don’t know why Bert has been at the shelter for 11 months because he’s such a great guy. A bit shy at first, Bert especially loves the company of other cats. Offering delicious treats is one of the surest ways to beautiful Bert’s heart.


Good with children, 7-year-old Banjo came to our shelter as a stray. Will you be the one to give him all of the comfort and love he deserves?


3-year-old Chester is a stunning lion-esque beauty who ended up at the shelter due to no fault of his own. This total sweetie loves to be petted. He gets along with other cats and children!


Sweet and warm Summer will bring you sunshine all year long. She came to us as a healthy stray from Hyde Park. Summer is searching for a permanent home where she can bask in the sun, and in the love of her FURever family.


At only 1 year old, talkative Petal is a sweet and youthful cat who is fully litter trained and doesn’t require the time and socialization that a kitten would. Good with children and cats, Petal was brought to DCSPCA as a stray and is hoping for a furever home where she can snuggle up and settle down.


A true gem, 5-year-old Zoey loves exploring and is a very curious girl! Once she knows you’re her friend, she will melt in your arms. She’s also a big fan of treats and catnip!

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