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Surrendered to DCSPCA at 8 years old, Raylan waited patiently for his dream family to appear.

For a senior dog, finding a new home can be tough. They are often the last to be adopted, if they are adopted at all. But the truth is that seniors have hearts full of unconditional love they are just waiting to give to the human or family that offers them a second chance. Raylan was one such senior who was patiently waiting to find a home when just the right family walked through DCSPCA's doors.

DCSPCA: What inspired you to adopt Raylan?

MARK, DARLENE & SAM: We had talked about adding a dog to our family for a while. We decided to visit the Dutchess County SPCA on a weekend we all had off. When we walked into the facility we didn't know what to expect. After looking at the picture book and asking questions, Raylan was recommended for us to visit with. Upon meeting with him, we knew he was the perfect fit.

DCSPCA: How is he doing in his dream home?

MARK, DARLENE & SAM: Raylan has adapted well to his new home. He is eating regularly and has had no inside accidents.

DCSPCA: What are some of his favorite things?

MARK, DARLENE & SAM: Raylan loves both his upstairs and downstairs beds. He enjoys playing tug of war, and very long walks around the neighborhood.

DCSPCA: What’s Raylan’s idea of the perfect day?

MARK, DARLENE & SAM: Waking up and having breakfast. Taking his first walk of the day. Lounging in his bed and walking around his big house. Sitting by a window. Playing with his human brother. Having dinner and taking a nice long last walk of the day. Curling up and falling asleep with the rest of his family.

DCSPCA: How has adopting Raylan changed your life (so far)?

MARK, DARLENE & SAM: Even though it has not been a week since adopting him, it feels like Raylan has completed our family.

DCSPCA: What would you say to someone considering adopting a senior pet?

MARK, DARLENE & SAM: We were not looking for a senior pet originally. But once we met Raylan and experienced his wonderful disposition, we knew he was the right dog for us. We never gave it a second thought due to his age. We feel—regarding his age—that he needed a home and we were happy to open ours to him.

DCSPCA: Anything you’d like to add about Adopting Raylan?

MARK, DARLENE & SAM: Adopting Raylan has been a wonderful experience for our family.

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