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😻 Meet Some of This Week's Adorable Adoptables🐶🐰

Please submit your adoption application before coming in to meet your next furry family member.

Meet just a few of the many wonderful animals who are available for adoption this week at Dutchess County SPCA

Please fill out an application before you visit to begin the adoption process.

Then, come meet your next furry family member! DCSPCA is open Tue-Sun 12pm-5pm.


The essentials: I’m a 4-year-old 90lb male dog

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I’m a sweet senior who just wants someone to love in my golden years.

  • I enjoy the simple pleasures, like a game of fetch, or a nice stroll in nature.

  • I’m a very good boy and know all my commands.

My ideal home: I’m looking for a home where I’m the only furry friend.


The essentials: I’m a 4-year-old 92lb male dog

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I’m a big cuddly guy with a heart of gold.

  • All I want is a human BFF who I can make happy 24/7.

  • Are you outdoorsy? Me too!

My ideal home: I’m a big guy so if you have a house with a yard, that would be perfect! I’m not a fan of other dogs or cats so I’m searching for a home where I can be the star and get all of your attention. In return I’ll shower you with my unconditional love. 


The essentials: I’m an 9-year-old 60lb female dog!

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I have the cutest underbite you will ever see!

  • I am a loyal lady, ready to shower you with love.

  • My favorite role is protecting you. Please let me be the one to keep you safe.

My ideal home: I am a neat girl and housetrained! I’m looking for a home where any children are over the age of 12 years old.


The essentials: I’m a 1-year-old 7lb female Lionhead rabbit

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I am a gorgeous and sweet Lionhead bun. Just look at my gorgeous mane!

  • My adorable sniffy nose will brighten your days.

  • I am friendly and will cheer you up, even on gray days.

Our ideal home: I’m looking for a nice clean space to live, healthy food, and veterinary care when I need it. I love kids but an adult should oversee my care.


The essentials: I’m a 2-year-old 11lb female cat

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I am the epitome of sweetness and can’t wait to find a human BFF to curl up with.

  • Look at my gorgeous tortoiseshell fur. Aren’t a beautiful?

  • I am a loyal and loving companion and I’m looking forward to growing up as part of your family!

My ideal home: I’d be happy in a home with or without other cats and children. Since I’m great with kids, I’d be a wonderful family pet.


The essentials: I’m a 2-year-old 10lb male cat

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I am a fun, sweet, and playful little bundle of ginger kitty adorableness.

  • If you’re looking for charisma, I’m your guy!

  • I love some gentle pets and scratches on my chin.

My ideal home: If you’ve got a comfy home with some patches of sun, that sounds just right. I’d prefer any kids in the home be over the age of 12.


The essentials: I’m an 3-year-old 16lb female cat

Why you should adopt me: 

  • I’m a grand lady and considered royalty here in DCSPCA Catland.

  • I’m a friendly and affectionate girl.

  • I’m the purrfect friend – always there when you need me and I never make a fuss.

My ideal home: I’m an easygoing gal. I get along with children over 5 years old and am open to meeting other cats!

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