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๐Ÿ˜Meet Some of This Week's Adoptable Pets (Jun 27, 2023)๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿน

DCSPCA is open for adoptions Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm

We have many great animals who are looking for their dream homes this week!

We encourage you to fill out an application before you come in to begin the adoption process.

Then visit the shelter to meet your newest furry family member!

Read about all of DCSPCA's adoptable pets here.


Meet Shimmer, a captivating 2-year-old feline with a mesmerizing presence. This enchanting cat boasts a stunning coat adorned in shades of dark gray and white, radiating an exquisite shine that catches the eye. Shimmer's appearance alone is enough to captivate hearts and turn heads.

Initially reserved and bashful, Shimmer takes a bit of time to open up and trust new companions. But don't be discouraged! Once you earn his trust and he grows accustomed to your presence, you'll witness a transformation. Shimmer's shy demeanor gives way to a warm and affectionate nature, and he becomes a delightful companion.

As fate would have it, Shimmer found himself at the shelter after being discovered as a stray. With his gentle spirit and striking looks, Shimmer is now eagerly seeking a forever home, where he can shower his lucky humans with love, charm, and an iridescent presence that will illuminate their lives.


Meet Stella, the charming 3 year old silver tabby cat who is eagerly awaiting her dream home. With her stunning coat and sparkling green eyes, Stella is a feline beauty who captivates hearts wherever she goes. Behind her striking appearance lies an intelligent mind that sets her apart from the rest. Though initially a bit shy, Stella quickly warms up to her surroundings and reveals her inquisitive and playful nature.

Stella's cleverness shines through her ability to learn and adapt. She eagerly explores her environment, always on the lookout for new adventures. Her curiosity knows no bounds, and she approaches each new experience with a sense of wonder and enthusiasm.

Despite her initial reserve, Stella craves companionship and cherishes the love and attention of her human pals. With patience and gentle encouragement, she will blossom into a devoted and affectionate furry friend, bringing endless joy to any loving home fortunate enough to adopt her. Prepare to be enchanted by Stella's intelligence, playfulness, and her capacity to fill your days with laughter and love.


Cassie is a delightful 2-year-old tortoiseshell cat with an endearing personality and a heart full of love, Cassie is the perfect feline companion for anyone seeking a cuddle buddy and a purr machine.

From the moment you lay eyes on Cassie, you'll be captivated by her stunning tortoiseshell coat, adorned with patches of rich chocolate, warm amber, and vibrant ginger. Her coat's unique patterns perfectly mirror her individuality and charm. But it's not just her appearance that makes Cassie special; her loving nature truly sets her apart.

Cassie is an expert at turning even the toughest of hearts into mush with her gentle purrs and affectionate demeanor. She has an insatiable love for cuddles and is always ready to curl up in your lap, nestled comfortably against you. When you stroke her soft fur, you'll feel her joy as she purrs contentedly, letting you know that you are her favorite person in the world.


Hercules is a gentle giant with the sweetest heart you'll find. Unfortunately, Herc has cancer, so he is seeking a sympathetic lap to lay his beautiful head on and get much deserved ear scratches.

The special person who adopts Hercules should have a quiet home with no other animals to minimize stress for him. He also loves some yummy stuffed kongs and taking warm naps. We hope Hercules can find his person soon so that he does not have to spend any more of his precious time in the shelter.


Athena is an irresistible 4-year-old dog with a captivating personality and a heart full of love. She is eagerly awaiting her dream home and is ready to fill it with joy and companionship. With her enchanting presence and gentle nature, Athena is sure to steal your heart from the moment you meet her.

Athena is a remarkably docile and well-mannered dog. She possesses a serene and calm demeanor that radiates warmth, making her an ideal companion for those seeking a tranquil presence in their lives. Athena's friendly nature and eagerness to please make her a delightful addition to any family.

Athena's gentle disposition and patient nature make her an excellent choice for families with young children. Athena understands the importance of being gentle around young ones and is likely to form a special bond with them, providing endless moments of love and loyalty.


Meet Gio, a distinguished yet sprightly canine in search of a new beginning. Though his fur may be graying, his zest for life remains unscathed, effervescing with vivacious energy and unwavering affection. Gio requires a home that mirrors his active lifestyle, providing ample opportunities for exercise and mental engagement to maintain his well-being and cheerfulness.

Ideally, Gio seeks to join an adults-only family due to his impressive size and strength. His exuberant, sometimes clumsy, nature might pose challenges around small children. Gio derives immense pleasure from playing tug-of-war with shelter staff, destructing squeaky toys, and occasionally, shredding blankets.

Gio is passionate about outdoor adventures like walks, runs, or frolicking in a spacious yard. Rainy, cold days find Gio more inclined towards indoor activities such as puzzle games or cozying up with his humans.


Nugget is a charming 13-week-old guinea pig who is searching for his dream home. This adorable little bundle of joy is currently available for adoption and will steal your heart with his endearing personality. While Nugget may initially appear skittish, he is making remarkable progress in his foster home, where he receives ample socialization and care. His trust in humans is growing by leaps and bounds, and he's becoming more comfortable with every passing day. Nugget's inseparable companion is Tofu, another delightful guinea pig, with whom he shares an unbreakable bond. These two adorable friends will bring double the joy and laughter to any lucky family who opens their hearts and homes to them. If you're looking for a precious duo to add to your life, Nugget and Tofu are eagerly waiting to embark on their new adventure with you.

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