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🐾😻🐶🐰Meet Some of This Week's Adoptable Pets (Jun 14, 2023)

DCSPCA is open for adoptions Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm

We have many great animals who are looking for their dream homes this week!

We encourage you to fill out an application before you come in to begin the adoption process.

Then visit the shelter to meet your newest furry family member!

Read about all of DCSPCA's adoptable pets here.


Meet Duke, our 10-month-old, 45lb sweetie-pie who can instantly melt hearts. This medium-sized, uniquely adorable black pittie has a fun youthful energy. Duke warms up quickly to new people, and will be showering you with affection in no time. His unique features further accentuate his charm, making him stand out in a crowd. He’s not just another adorable dog; he's Duke, with an indomitable spirit and an unforgettable persona. This playful yet gentle pup is looking for a dream home that can match his zest for life and provide the love he deserves. In return, he promises countless tail wags, licks, and a friendship that'll stand the test of time. Get ready for a wonderful journey filled with joy and companionship with Duke.


Is there a sweeter dog than 8-year-old Beagle Chaz? He loves people and other dogs. He's a wise older gentleman so would do well in a quieter home and with other small dogs. If you are looking for a loyal companion to watch Netflix with or go on easy walks, Chaz would love to meet you!


Weighing in at a perfectly medium 51lbs, Banjo is an amiable fellow who adores both humans and other dogs. Overflowing with puppyish charm, Banjo is as friendly as they come! He's eager for a guide to polish his manners, but don't worry—he's bright as a button and learns quickly. Destined to fit perfectly in any family, Banjo is a fantastic companion who'll relish joining his new family on invigorating hikes or brisk morning runs. Embrace the joy and love this one-year-old wonder dog will add to your life!


Greta Bunberg doesn’t want much from life, she just wants to save the planet. While she’s working through her plans, she would appreciate a nice cozy place to live and lots of hay to munch.

Greta is a super-fun bun who is sweet on humans. She loves to get pets and is generally fond of attention. She even puts her nose up for kisses!

Greta was found outside and brought to us by a good Samaritan. She is a big girl with a lot of spunk. She will make a wonderful companion in a home with a loving family and perhaps some other rabbit playmates.


Meet Coconut, a captivating 2-year-old tuxedo feline weighing in at 8 pounds. Boasting a distinct black-and-white coat, her charm and beauty are unmatched. Coconut flourishes in the company of her fellow felines, showcasing her gentle and amiable nature. Ideally, she's seeking a loving home where children, if any, are over 5 years old, aligning with her preference for a serene environment. This delicate darling is all set to grace a dream home with her delightful presence, offering companionship and a bounty of purrs.


Introducing Tortellini, a radiant 10-year-old dilute tortoiseshell cat. Found as a stray, she now blesses our shelter with her sweet nature and elegant demeanor. Age hasn't dimmed her playful spirit. Her tender purrs and affectionate nudges speak volumes about her loving heart. This lovely lady has hyperthyroidism, a condition common in older cats, which can be easily managed with daily medication.


Meet Bowie, our charming 16-year-old black cat who came to the DCSPCA after living in a home for most of his life. Although a little reserved at the shelter, Bowie is a sweet and affectionate boy who adores treats. He loves enjoying a snack and being pet by the care staff he has befriended here. He just takes some time to adjust to his new surroundings but once he feels comfortable, he'll be your loving and loyal companion.

Bowie has been diagnosed with early stage chronic kidney disease, which is common in cats of his age, but it's easily managed by a special diet. Bowie is a low-maintenance cat who would appreciate a cozy spot to call his own and some pampering when he wants it. If you're looking for a calm and devoted feline companion, Bowie would be the perfect fit for you.

Bowie dreams of finding a loving family who will offer him a safe and comfortable environment to spend his golden years. Will you give him the dream home he deserves? Bowie will be your little starman, and in return, you'll be his hero.

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