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😻🐶🐰Meet Some of This Week's Adoptable Pets (Jul 5, 2023)

DCSPCA is open for adoptions Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm

We have many great animals who are looking for their dream homes this week!

We encourage you to fill out an application before you come in to begin the adoption process.

Then visit the shelter to meet your newest furry family member!

Read about all of DCSPCA's adoptable pets here.


Judy is a remarkable 7-month-old mixed breed puppy who is eagerly waiting for a loving family to adopt her. With her playful nature, affectionate personality, and a heart full of love, Judy has already stolen the hearts of everyone who has crossed paths with her. Judy promises to bring boundless joy and companionship to the lucky family that welcomes her into their home.

One of Judy's most endearing qualities is her unwavering affection for both dogs and people. She thrives in the company of her fellow canines, engaging in spirited play and embracing the joy of camaraderie. Judy's enthusiasm for socializing extends to humans as well, and she eagerly seeks out their attention, relishing in gentle pats and ear scratches.

Given her age and energy levels, Judy would benefit from a patient and dedicated family willing to invest time and effort into her training.

An ideal family for Judy would be one with older children or adults who can participate in her training and provide her with ample opportunities for exercise and mental stimulation.


Da na na na na na na na Batman!

Hey! That’s me! I’m a bite-sized bully boy who is very sweet and goofy. I’m always on the lookout for a new friend—human or dog. I love to chase and pounce on bad guys (balls/stuffies) and go on long stakeouts (walks).

Most of all, I enjoy lounging around (cuddling) with my people and getting all the attention I could ask for. And as it happens I have an opening in my crime fighting group and I’m looking for just the right person to fill it. I hope to meet a good match soon.


Introducing Apollo, a charming American Staffordshire Terrier eagerly awaiting your affection at the shelter. With his endearing charm and playful nature, he's all set to fill your life with boundless love. Apollo delights in a game of fetch, and his heart swells with joy when he receives belly rubs and kind praises. Can you be the one to express to him just how exceptional of a good boy he truly is? Don't miss the opportunity to welcome this affectionate companion into your home and experience the pure devotion he has to offer. Meet Apollo today and discover the delightful bond that awaits you.


Meet Stitch, the bunny so fine,

With a hop in his step and a heart that shines.

Adorable and cute, he'll steal your affection,

With his sweet attitude and bunny perfection.

Stitch is friendly, and oh so kind.

Always curious, with a brilliant mind.

He'll explore and discover, never a bore,

Bringing joy and laughter to your home's core.

His adorable ears and twitchy nose,

Will melt your heart, that's how it goes.

You'll fall in love with his precious gaze,

And cherish him for all of your days.

So come meet Stitch, don't hesitate,

He'll be the best addition to your life's slate.

With his hip-hopping ways, he's sure to impress,

An adorable bunny, full of happiness.


Meet Ashe, a charming 5-year-old female light tan tabby cat with delicate white paws. This adorable feline is currently seeking her dream home, along with her loving sister, Sambra, as they share an unbreakable bond. Ashe's journey began with a timid arrival at the shelter, where she was initially frightened by the unfamiliar surroundings. However, with time and patience, Ashe has blossomed into a more social and outgoing companion. Her once-guarded demeanor has gradually given way to a newfound curiosity and eagerness to engage with her surroundings. Ashe's endearing personality shines through as she explores her environment, slowly but surely unraveling her playful nature. With her affectionate spirit and gentle disposition, Ashe and Sambra make a delightful duo, ready to bring joy and companionship to a loving home that embraces them both.


Meet Bernie, a charming 1-year-old male gray tabby cat eagerly awaiting his new home. At first glance, Bernie may appear shy, but underneath that initial reserve lies a heart brimming with affection. Once he gets to know you, Bernie's timid demeanor transforms into a warm and endearing personality. He's a true connoisseur of treats and will gently accept them from your hand, showcasing his trust in you. Bernie craves human interaction and eagerly soaks up every bit of attention and petting he receives. His gratitude shines through as he reciprocates the affection in his own unique feline way. With Bernie, you'll find a loyal companion who, once he trusts you, showers you with an abundance of love. Adopt Bernie today and experience the joy of his blossoming friendship.


Meet Dazey, a beautiful 2-year-old white and tabby-patched cat who is looking for her new home. Dazey is a big girl, weighing in at 14lbs, with a stunning coat that is sure to turn heads.

Dazey is a lovely cat who is litter-box trained and very tidy, making her an excellent companion. She is looking for a home where she can relax and soak up the love and attention of her human family.

Dazey is a bit particular about her living situation and would do best in a home without dogs or children under the age of 6. While she is selective with other cats, she may be able to live with a feline friend after a proper introduction process. If you're looking for a stunning and loyal feline companion, consider this lovely lady.

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