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😻🐶Meet Some of This Week's Adoptable Pets (Apr 25, 2023)

📢 To celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day on Sunday April 30, DCSPCA is offering 50% off adoption fees for adult animals this week only.

(Except for special needs animals, who already have reduced fees).

DCSPCA is open for adoptions Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm.


Meet Blake, a handsome 3-year-old Husky who is just a little bit embarrassed about his recent haircut (due to some extra fur). Blake wants you to know he is an extremely sweet boy with a wonderful temperament, and if you just give him a chance, he will capture your heart.

Blake is a total sweetheart and has a wonderful disposition. He adores squeaky toys and has a passion for running around in big yards, which is perfect for his breed's love of exercise.

As a Husky, 58lb Blake loves all sorts of fun in the snow. He will make the perfect companion for someone who enjoys outdoor activities. Blake is looking for that special human he can join on adventures.

Although Blake is an energetic dog, he is great with children over the age of 5. He has a gentle disposition and will make a loving addition to your family.


Meet adorable and energetic 4-year-old Blue Jay. This sweet 59lb girl loves nothing more than lounging on the sofa with her favorite stuffed toys, but she also has a playful side and enjoys a good game of tug with her human friends.

Blue Jay came to the shelter with her brother Charlie after their owner passed away. Despite the difficult circumstances, Blue Jay has remained a happy and loving pup. She is always eager to meet new people and make new friends, and she has quickly become a favorite among shelter staff and volunteers.

Although Blue Jay is a well-behaved dog, she would benefit from some obedience training to help her become the best companion she can be. With a little guidance from a loving PAWrent, Blue Jay will no doubt thrive and bring endless joy to her new family.

Blue Jay has been patiently waiting for her forever home for 7 months now. She longs for a loving family who will provide her with the attention, affection, and exercise she needs to thrive. If you're looking for an energetic and loving companion, consider giving Blue Jay the chance to show you just how wonderful she can be. She will reward you with unconditional love and endless cuddles.


Get ready to fall in love with Bubba, a super-good boy who’s part Labrador Retriever and part German Shepherd! This 6-year-old 79lb pup is a real showstopper with his striking looks and wonderful personality. Although he can be selective with his dog friends, he's an absolute joy to be around and is sure to put a smile on your face every day. If you're searching for a fun-loving and devoted companion, Bubba is the perfect match for you!


Meet Simon, the fluffy bunny who's guaranteed to brighten your day! This lovable furry love nugget will charm you with his twitching whiskers and oh-so-adorable munching. And those big, beautiful eyes of his? They'll capture your heart and fill you with warmth every time you gaze into them.

Whether he's hopping around in his enclosure or getting cozy and lounging, this bunny knows how to spread joy wherever he goes.

So if you're looking for a furry friend who's equal parts adorable and charming, Simon is your guy. Fill out an application and get ready to fall head over heels in love with the sweetest bunny around!


Meet Rocky, a sweet and friendly 3-year-old feline currently in foster care. Rocky is a snuggler at heart and loves nothing more than curling up around your legs or sleeping next to you on the pillow. He's always eager for attention and affection, and will never say no to a good cuddle session.

Although Rocky has mobility challenges due to a neurological condition that affects his movement, he's still the perfect house cat in every way. He will just need regular monitoring by a veterinarian to ensure that his condition is properly managed.

Rocky would make an excellent addition to a loving and patient home. If you're looking for a friendly and affectionate feline companion, Rocky might just be the perfect match for you. Since he’s in foster care, please call to set up an appointment to meet him once your application has been pre-screened.


Emily C is a 12-year-old feline of enchanting grace, a gentle soul who loves nothing more than curling up in a cozy lap and purring contentedly. She is a friend to all who cross her path, greeting them with a chorus of meows and affectionate nuzzles. With her calm demeanor and warm heart, she radiates a sense of calm that soothes the souls of those around her.

Emily, an unusual torbie-colored cat with delicate red paws, is a friendly and chatty girl who quickly makes friends with every human she meets, greeting them with a chorus of meows and affectionate nuzzles. With her calm demeanor and warm heart, she radiates a sense of calm that soothes the souls of those around her.

Emily has a moderate heart murmur and early chronic kidney disease, common among older cats, and easily managed with the help of your vet. On a daily basis, Emily reminds us that no matter what life may bring, there is always a reason to smile and a friend to lean on.


Meet Amelia, a lovely 10-year-old brown and white tabby girl currently residing at the shelter. Amelia wants you to know that she just had some fur shaved because of mats, but it will grow back beautifully!

Amelia is a calm and quiet kitty who loves nothing more than curling up in your lap for a snuggle and a cat nap. She's a true lap cat, and her small size of only 7 lbs makes her the perfect companion for cozy afternoons on the couch.

Amelia is a poised and well-mannered kitty who is happy to spend her time loafing around and receiving pets. She has a sweet and affectionate nature and enjoys spending time with her human companions. Amelia is also known for her love of exploration and would be delighted to take a stroll around the house to see what's new.

If you're looking for a loving and laid-back companion, Amelia might be the perfect kitty for you.

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