Meet Some of This Week’s Adoptable Pets!

DCSPCA is now open for adoptions Tuesday-Sunday: 12-5pm


Are you looking for a super-sweet pup who wants nothing more than to snuggle up with you? Then chihuahua Cleo is your girl! Cleo has had some recent home instability and lost a close companion, so she’s a little timid and unsure at first, but that will wear off quickly once she is cozy in your home. It would be great for her to have another canine companion to hang out with, but if you work from home or don't go away too often, she’ll be good with that. She loves her crate and is perfectly fine to curl up inside for the whole night—she likes a homey nook!


1-year-old Blue Eye was part of an airlift of over 140 dogs (and cats) from overcrowded shelters in Alabama and Louisiana. A true sweetheart and great-natured pup, Blue Eye would do best in a home with a yard and an active owner/family. He loves to run and would make a great jogging partner. We think he will be happiest as an only dog in the household but it is possible that he could have dog friends outside of the home. After his long journey from the South, Blue Eye is looking forward to getting cozy in his forever home.


Beautiful 14-year-old Kallie has so much love to give. A little shy at first, after a couple of minutes of your gentle petting, she will let you know she’s happy with her purring! She is looking for an owner who will show her unconditional love, and give her the opportunity to adjust to her new home. Kallie will be perfectly happy curling up in her favorite spot, quietly keeping you company while you read or watch television. Will you be the one to show Kallie what true kindness looks like?


Our own little starman, beautiful 16-year-old Bowie has a low-maintenance personality and is just looking for a cozy spot to curl up. He would be perfectly happy with a nook to call his own, and attention when he wants it. Will you be Bowie’s hero in his golden years?


Beautiful 1-year-old brindle bunny Theodore is a total sweetheart who is looking for a human BFF to shower him with love. He came to the shelter through no fault of his own. Rabbits make wonderful, loving, sweet, and adorable pets. Will you show Theodore the kindness he deserves?

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