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Meet Some of This Week's Adoptable Animals (Oct 10, 2023)

DCSPCA is open for adoptions Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm.

We have many great animals who are looking for their dream homes this week!

We encourage you to fill out an application before you come in to begin the adoption process.

Then visit the shelter to meet your newest furry family member!

October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month and to celebrate DCSPCA is offering 50% off adoptions of adult Pitties* throughout the month!

Read about all of DCSPCA's adoptable pets here.

*discount excludes special needs dogs with already reduced adoption fees.


Bailey, the epitome of sweetness and charm, is a four-year-old dog with an overflowing heart filled with love to give. With a sturdy frame weighing 76 pounds, he embodies both strength and grace. A playful spirit resides within him, evident through his unwavering enthusiasm for games of fetch and leisurely walks that allow him to explore the world around him. Bailey possesses an extraordinary talent for scent detection, showcasing his impeccable nose as he expertly sniffs out hidden treats. Above all, his cuddling skills are second to none, and he thrives on showering his chosen human companions with affectionate warmth.

While Bailey's loving nature knows no bounds, it's important to note that he prefers a home without other animals or small children. Bailey is looking for an experienced owner who can provide a patient and understanding environment to help him feel secure. In return, he promises a lifetime of loyalty, devotion, and endless cuddle sessions.


Meet Ace, a charming 4-year-old male mixed breed dog with a heart as big as his 75-pound frame. Ace's journey began as a stray, but it's evident he once had a loving home, as he knows his basic commands and is exceptionally people-friendly. This affable pup is now in search of a dream home that matches his larger-than-life personality.

Ace's zest for life shines through during his long walks, making him an ideal companion for those who enjoy outdoor adventures, whether it's a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike.

If you're looking for an affectionate, well-behaved, and adventure-loving furry friend, consider adopting Ace. He's ready to fill your life with tail-wagging joy and unforgettable moments.


Meet Bolt, a lively and energetic Patterdale Terrier. This little diva is full of life and loves nothing more than being the center of attention. We guarantee he will charm anyone who meets him with his gigantic personality.

Although Bolt enjoys playing and interacting with humans, he would need to be the only pet in the household as he likes to have all the attention for himself. Bolt loves to play games like tug-of-war and keep away, and he's always willing to work for a treat. He especially loves nose work and puzzles games and enjoys a new challenge. He would do great in an active home with plenty of opportunities for exercise, such as hiking, running, and agility training.

As a headstrong breed, Bolt will need an experienced owner who can provide him with the necessary patience, understanding, and ongoing training he needs and deserves. Bolt is always eager to please and loves to learn new commands and tricks.

Bolt would make a loyal and loving companion to anyone who is willing to give him a chance. If you're looking for a dog with plenty of personality and energy, Bolt might just be the perfect match for you!


Meet Caramel, a fluffy 1-year and 9-month-old guinea pig weighing in at 2.5 pounds. His stunning long hair flows like the silkiest caramel sauce, making him the sweetest treat you could ever ask for this Halloween. With twinkling eyes and a playful spirit, Caramel is more enchanting than any pumpkin-spiced latte or candy corn. As the most spooktacular holiday approaches, what could be better than snuggling up with the ultimate Halloween treat? Adopt Caramel, and you'll find he's not just sweet on the outside, but has a heart full of love and mischief. Be ready for a season of giggles and tender moments with this adorable fluffball.


Mittens is a stunning 7-year-old female tuxedo cat with a heart of gold, eagerly seeking a loving dream home. This beautiful feline is a true sweetheart, exuding affection and charm. Mittens is not fond of dogs but could live happily with some carefully selected feline companions. As an older and wiser cat, she would thrive in a home with older children who can appreciate her gentle nature and give her the space she may sometimes desire. Mittens finds solace in sitting by the window, indulging in her favorite pastime of observing the world outside. With her playful and endearing personality, Mittens promises to be a delightful addition to a family looking for a feline friend to share their love and companionship.


Meet Slinky, a 10-year-old dark grey female cat with a warm and loving heart. Slinky has spent her entire life alongside her beloved sister, Tinker Bell, and they are inseparable. This dynamic duo is now seeking a dream home where they can continue their lifelong bond.

Slinky may seem a bit overwhelmed by her unexpected stay at the shelter, but underneath her initial shyness lies a gentle and loving soul. Once she feels safe and secure, Slinky blossoms into a sweet and affectionate companion. Her soft, dark grey fur is like a cozy blanket that wraps you in warmth and comfort.

If you're a patient and caring adopter willing to open your heart and home to not one, but two wonderful feline friends, Slinky and Tinker Bell are ready to share their love with you. Together, they promise to bring joy and companionship to your life for years to come. Adopt this bonded pair and experience the magic of Slinky and Tinker Bell's unbreakable sisterly bond.


Meet Tinker Bell, a charming 10-year-old calico cat whose personality is as beautiful as her colorful coat. Tinker Bell and her sister Slinky found themselves at the shelter when their loving owner could no longer care for them. These two inseparable sisters are seeking a forever home together, for their bond is unbreakable.

Tinker Bell's striking appearance, adorned with patches of orange, black, and white, immediately captures the eye. But it's her gentle and affectionate nature that truly makes her shine. This lovely feline craves the warmth of cuddles and the comfort of a quiet, loving home.

With Tinker Bell and Slinky by your side, you'll have the joy of two feline companions who share an unbreakable sisterly bond. Give these sweet girls the home they deserve, and they will reward you with a lifetime of love, purrs, and contentment.

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