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Meet Some of This Week's Adoptable Pets (Apr 19, 2023)

DCSPCA is open for adoptions Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm


Hello there, I'm Onyx, a lovable pup seeking a new home! I'm young and playful, but I'll need someone experienced to bring out my full potential. Though I may have a bit of a rambunctious reputation, I promise my charm is irresistible.

When it comes to playtime, I'm a champion fetch player and I also enjoy a good game of tug. I'm highly motivated by food and love to learn new things, but I'm not fond of people touching my meals or interrupting me while I eat.

I'm cautious around new people and it takes me some time to warm up to them. I'll need to take things slowly, but once we've established a bond, I'll be your loyal companion. To ensure a perfect match, I'll need to meet potential adopters multiple times before going home with them.

The shelter staff is working diligently to help me overcome my stranger danger and other behavior obstacles. I may be a slow learner, but I'm always eager to try my best. So if you're willing to continue working with me, I'd love nothing more than to have you as my guide. Could you be the one to take me home?


Meet Robin, a handsome boy who is searching for his dream home. Robin is a cedar-colored beauty with a white spot on his chest. He was found as a stray in Poughkeepsie, but he's done with walking the streets and is ready for a comfy life in a home with a loving human family.

Robin would love to be your loyal companion, staying by your side through thick and thin. With his striking looks and charming personality, Robin is sure to steal your heart.

At 3 years old and 52lbs Robin is looking for a family who will give him plenty of opportunities to play and exercise. Whether it's going for walks or playing in the backyard, Robin is sure to enjoy every moment with his new family.


Meet Olaf, a handsome and affectionate big boy currently residing in our shelter. This 2-year-old pup arrived as a stray, and we believe he deserves a loving home with someone who has experience with large breed dogs. Olaf is a friendly and outgoing fellow who loves nothing more than snuggling up close to his human for some well-deserved pets and attention. He also enjoys playing tug-of-war, and will eagerly nudge his toys into your hand to get the game started. Olaf is a big fan of chew toys and likes to start and end his day with a good chew.

Olaf is currently working on his leash manners and basic obedience skills. He already knows several commands, including "sit", "get a toy", "up-up", and "come", and he's learning "lay-down". He seems to enjoy training and would love to continue working with his new family to improve his skills. If you're looking for a loyal and fun-loving companion who's eager to please, Olaf may be the perfect match for you!


Browny is a charming 5-year-old guinea pig. This adorable little guy weighs in at a healthy 3 pounds and boasts a beautiful coat of brown and white fur that's sure to catch your eye. Browny's playful and lively nature is perfectly complemented by his cute, squeaky noises that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Despite his young age, Browny has already faced his share of challenges in life. He was surrendered to the shelter by his previous owners, who were no longer able to care for him. However, Browny remains optimistic and hopeful, eagerly waiting for his dream home.

In addition to being adorable, guinea pigs like Browny are also known for their gentle nature and calm demeanor.

If you're looking for a furry friend to brighten up your life, look no further than Browny. He's ready and waiting to find his new family and bring joy to whoever is lucky enough to adopt him.


Say hello to Falcon! This handsome guy's favorite thing is other cats 😁 He's a very docile kitty who is extremely cat friendly and has been known to befriend every cat that shares a room with him. He's shown to even be a great companion for shyer cats who have entered the shelter so he'd love to go to a home with other feline friends.

Falcon is not a fan of being cuddled or picked up but is learning to enjoy petting with the help of his FAVORITE treat, Delectables Squeeze Ups.

Falcon is a special kitty who was diagnosed with FIV and mild dental disease. Due to his FIV+ status and his previous dental care we recommend annual exams with your veterinarian.

The perfect day for Falcon would be playing with his new feline friends and then taking a cat nap in the sun. If this sounds like your cat's and your ideal day, then you and Falcon would make a great team!


Lucas is a charming 4-year-old tuxedo cat who has been through a lot and he is now ready to look for his dream home with a loving human. Lucas may be a bit shy at first, but once he warms up to you, he becomes your best friend. Treats and catnip are the easiest way to his heart. He loves greeting the humans he knows best with chirps in the morning before breakfast.

Lucas is a playful cat who loves the company of other cats. He would be happiest in a home with feline friends to hang out with and keep him company.

Lucas loves attention when he is feeling confident/comfortable and is excited to find new home where he can finally relax and be himself. If you are searching for a charming and playful feline companion, Lucas is the cat for you!


Meet Melvin, the charming and adorable 5-year-old tabby boy with chipmunk cheeks and mesmerizing golden eyes. This big boy weighs in at a whopping 13lbs, making him the perfect cuddle buddy for those chilly nights.

Melvin has a personality that matches his cute looks - he is friendly and when he gazes up at you with those stunning eyes it will melt your heart. Not only does he enjoy human company, but he also gets along with some cats too.

Melvin's favorite things are chasing a laser pointer, enjoying crunchy & squeeze up treats, and cuddling with the care staff he has befriended here.

Melvin has been diagnosed with a heart murmur, which is common among cats, and will need annual exams to see the veterinarian.

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