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Marley the Puppy Needs Your Help

We just rescued a very sick 4-month-old puppy named Marley who has parvo, a highly life-threatening disease.

You may have seen our alert about a couple selling sick puppies in public spaces in the Dutchess and Ulster County regions.

Many of these puppies have been brought to us by distraught owners. Two of them were rescued from a pond where they had been dumped. We did all we could for them, but sadly they were too far gone to be saved.

One of the puppies who was brought to us, terribly sick with the life-threatening disease parvo, is Marley. This sweet puppy is fighting for his life and our team, so devastated by the loss of the others, is determined to help him survive. As we track down the terrible people who are doing this, we want to at least save one victim of their deadly fraud.

In addition to the thousands of dollars we have spent on the other puppies, we have already spent $5,300 giving Marley around-the-clock care.

He is hanging in there but he needs more help. Your gift today could help save his life. Please, help Marley win his fight.

Thank you so much for your kindness.

DCSPCA is doing everything we can to save Marley’s life, but he needs your help. Will you please give a gift towards Marley's medical bills?

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