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It’s Adopt a Less Adoptable Animal Week!

5 reasons why you should consider adopting a senior, special needs, or behaviorally challenged pet.

Are you looking for a new furry family member? Consider adopting a senior, special needs or behaviorally challenged pet. Of course puppies and kittens are totally adorable (and they need homes, too). However, the rewards of giving a home to a less adoptable animal are huge. Here’s why you should meet these often overlooked animals before you make your decision.

1. A senior, special needs, or behaviorally challenged animal will return your love 100-fold.

We hear it over and over again from adopters. The rewards of adopting a more challenged animal are huge. The feel-good factor is real! More than that, these animals have everything to offer that any other pet does. They just often haven’t been given the chance to get cozy and show their love to a human family. All you need to give them is a little extra attention, whether it’s medical care, enrichment, or training. Then you will reap the great rewards of having them in your life.

2. Seniors have settled down.

If you like to relax in front of the television, or lounge with a good book, a senior is the perfect pet. Young cats and dogs require a lot of time and energy. Seniors tend to have slowed down and will be happy with a good nap in the sun. They won’t demand constant engagement and entertainment. Most are content with a laid-back lifestyle, and some quality cuddle time.

3. The enormous rewards of helping an animal.

Dogs and cats who have behavioral challenges, such as being easily overstimulated or reactive to other animals, often just need a human who is willing to spend some time to help them past these hurdles. When you adopt them, you’re not only giving them a better life, but you have the opportunity to build a stronger bond with them, as someone who is helping them. They will connect with you even more through the work you do with them than if they didn’t need any help at all.

4. Daily inspiration in your home.

Spending time with a senior, special needs, or behaviorally challenged animal will inspire you. Seeing how these furry friends overcome their problems can be a great lesson to us all in how to approach life. You will be inspired by their will to overcome all obstacles to gain your affection, and their ability to adapt with a little help from you.

5. Surprise yourself and find true love.

Often we set out to do one thing, and life takes us someplace else. You may have decided you want a kitten or puppy. We ask that you take a moment to just meet some senior, special needs, or behaviorally challenged pets who are up for adoption. Why? You may discover that your true connection is with one of these often-overlooked animals. Love always rules. Accommodating a less adoptable animal is easier than you might think. You won’t begrudge the extra care they may need when you can see the gratitude in their eyes.

They won’t let their imperfections stop them from loving you; will you let them stop you from loving them?

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