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🎉🐶Happy National Mutt Day!

Why not celebrate by adopting a new furry friend? 💖

It’s National Mutt Day, one of our favorite days of the year! To celebrate this very special occasion, we’d like to introduce you to some of the delightful dogs here at DCSPCA who are seeking their dream homes. Have you been thinking of adding a furry bundle of love to your family? What better day to begin the process than today?

Please fill out an application to begin the adoption process. You’ll need a prescreened application in order to meet the DCSPCA dogs.

Then visit the shelter to meet your newest furry family member!

Read about all of DCSPCA's adoptable pets here.


Sierra, a delightful 4-year-old mixed breed dog, is eagerly seeking a loving forever home. Though initially shy, Sierra's gentle heart blossoms when she forms a connection with her human friends. Once she gets to know you, her warmth and affectionate nature will shine through, making her the perfect companion for a patient and understanding family.

Sierra's vibrant spirit comes alive during playtime, when her infectious enthusiasm is on full display. With a wagging tail that never seems to tire, she brings joy and laughter to any room she enters. Sierra is always ready for a game of fetch or a long walk in the park, reveling in the simple pleasures life has to offer.

This adorable canine package of love and fun awaits the opportunity to join a home where her endearing personality and loyal companionship are cherished for years to come.


Introducing Gia, the charming 8-year-old Akita and English Bulldog mix eagerly searching for her dream home. With her unique blend of breeds, Gia is a 55-pound bundle of joy with an irresistible underbite that adds to her adorable appeal.

Gia's ideal home would be one where she can shine as the only pet, allowing her to bask in the undivided attention and love of her new family. Because of her size and strength, we are recommending a home with children aged 12 and above, making her an excellent choice for families with older kids.

Loyalty is in keeping with her breed, and she will be a devoted and vigilant companion, always ready to keep her loved ones safe.

If you're seeking an extraordinary canine companion with a heart full of love, Gia is eagerly waiting to become a cherished member of your family.


At just 2 years old and weighing a sprightly 48 pounds, Bean possesses an irresistible combination of youthfulness and cuddliness. While a little shy at first, Bean's heart overflows with warmth once he forms a bond with his human pals. This lovable pup craves affection and is known to be a true cuddle enthusiast.

Bean thrives in an environment where introductions to new individuals are conducted with care and patience. It is recommended that Bean finds a home without other animals or young children under the age of 13. This will allow him to feel secure and gradually build confidence in his surroundings.

If you're searching for a loyal companion who will shower you with unwavering love, Bean is the perfect furry friend to make your life complete.


Meet Chase, a charming and lovable 4-year-old German Shepherd Gordon Setter mix eagerly seeking his dream home. Weighing in at a sturdy 80 pounds, Chase is a striking canine companion with an endearing personality. His affectionate nature makes him a hit with people of all ages, and he thrives on human interaction. Chase's playful spirit is evident as he joyfully bounds through open spaces, making him the perfect companion for long runs or games of fetch.

While Chase is an exceptional buddy to people, he would like to be the only four-legged friend in the household.

Due to his substantial size, we recommend placing Chase in a home without children under the age of 13. This ensures a safe and harmonious living arrangement for both Chase and his future family. If you're ready to offer this magnificent boy the love and calmness he deserves, Chase is eagerly awaiting your embrace as his loyal companion.


Introducing Kandy, a delightful 6-year-old, 50-pound dog with an irresistible charm. Kandy's warm and affectionate nature knows no bounds as she simply adores all people she encounters. With her adorable black markings on her face, she bears a striking resemblance to a mischievous raccoon, adding an extra touch of uniqueness to her already lovable personality.

While Kandy loves people, she prefers to be the sole pet in her dream home. Kandy's energy levels are boundless, and she requires ample exercise to keep her spirits high. Despite her stubby legs, she possesses an insatiable love for running, making her the perfect companion for an active individual or family.

If you're seeking a devoted and energetic furry friend to share your life with, Kandy might be the ideal match. Don't miss the chance to meet this incredible dog and offer her the loving home she deserves.


Resilient and affectionate 2-year-old Nunu's warm personality makes her a perfect companion for people and children alike. Her journey began when she was discovered abandoned and tied to a pole, but despite her past, she has remained optimistic and trusting.

While Nunu adores human company, she prefers to be the only pet in her new home. With her gentle nature and desire for affection, this adorable 60lb girl promises to shower her new family with boundless love and loyalty, making her a wonderful addition to any loving home.


Meet Jelly Bean, a beautiful 6-year-old lady who weighs in at 74lbs. Jelly Bean came to the shelter after her family adopted a small dog and discovered that Jelly Bean was not a fan of the other dog. However, Jelly Bean is a big fan of humans and has a very sweet and lovable temperament. She is a perfect example of the saying "big dog, big heart."

Jelly Bean is a great walking companion and walks well on a leash. She's also a fantastic housekeeper and maintains a tidy kennel. Jelly Bean loves attention from her human friends and is an enthusiastic sloppy kisser. She misses being part of a family and is hoping to find her dream home soon.

Won't you consider giving Jelly Bean the chance to be part of a loving family again?

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