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Dutchess County SPCA is here to serve our community and their pets and we prioritize keeping families together.


Frequently, pet surrenders can be avoided if pet parents can get the help they need. DCSPCA offers a variety of programs for the community, to help keep pets in their homes.


We also have many workshops and events to help educate the community. If you are thinking of giving up your pet to the shelter, first look at the programs offered here by DCSPCA, to see if there is a resource that might address your reason for surrendering. We want to do all we can to help keep pets and families together.

We offer solutions, whether your struggle is due to:

If you would like to participate in these programs, or if you don't see a program here that meets your needs, please call our Intake Manager at ext. (845) 452-7722 ext. 403 to see if there is something we can do for you.

Financial Assistance

If you are considering surrendering your pet because they are ill or injured or need other regular wellness procedures (like dental work) and you are unable to afford veterinary care, we will treat your pet (if it is within our capabilities) and help you finance their care.


Our fees are less than a traditional private practice and we accept a few different types of alternative financing options that can also be combined with each other.


🤗 Apply for Care Credit - Care Credit does run a hard credit check but also provides no interest payments if the fee is paid in full within the promotional period (6, 12, or 18 months).

✏️ Apply for ScratchPay - ScratchPay runs a soft credit check (it won’t ding your credit score) and offers bi-weekly, 12 and 24 month payment plan options.

👍 VETBILLING is a payment option that allows you to make bi-weekly or monthly payments over a 12 - 24 month period. There is a soft credit check and a $25 fee to sign up for this payment option.

⭐️ If the medical procedure is not an emergency, a bi-weekly or monthly PREPAYMENT PLAN can be set up - think layaway! There is a one time fee of $25 to set up the plan, but once the fee has been paid in full, the procedure can be scheduled.

🤩 We can also help you set up a PET SAVINGS ACCOUNT. You can decide how much you would like to keep in your savings account with us and use it for any of your pet’s medical needs. There is a one time fee of $15 to set it up and a $1 processing fee for each automatic payment to cover bank transfer fees. (If you were saving $20 per month, $21 would come out of your bank each month).

Behavioral Issues

Our canine and feline experts are always ready

to help and advise with behavioral issues such

as not using the litter box, resource guarding,

hiding, or excessive barking.


We also can advise on where to find

additional help.

Pet Food Insecurity


Food Insecurity is an unfortunate reality that affects many of our community members in the Hudson Valley. You shouldn’t feel like surrendering your pet is your only option when you can’t afford to feed them. Instead, please visit one our food pantry partners:

  • Reach Out Church Food Pantry of Hyde Park - For information visit their website or call (845) 229-6080. Address: 241 Crum Elbow Rd, Hyde Park, NY 12538

  • Community Action Partnership - Dover Plains Food Pantry - For information visit their website or call (845) 877-9272 ext. 152

  • Fishkill Food Pantry - Please call to make an appointment (845) 896-4546 Address: 1153 Main Street, Fishkill, NY 12524

Human Illness

Sometimes surrendering a pet is the only option when a family member falls ill and a new permanent family for their pet needs to be found. 

The Boyd Pets Adoption Project


The Boyd Pets Adoption Project provides Hudson Valley Hospice patients and their families with a free service, through DCSPCA, to ensure that their beloved pets are cared for, and adopted upon the death of the patient. The program is made possible through funds established by the Susanne P. Boyd and Darrel Boyd Foundation for Animal Welfare.

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