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Safety Net for Pets

DCSCPA supports families and their companion animals with short-term housing solutions when they experience an emergency.


We work in partnership with local nonprofit organizations and social work professionals to give families peace of mind and the space they need while they navigate their current crisis situation. Our program provides veterinary care, food, and shelter to approximately 50 animals a year with a 45-day average length of stay.

Basic requirements for program participation:

  • We offer Safety Net contracts for 15, 30, and 45 days. 

  • Pets in the Safety Net program should be behaviorally and medically healthy. 

  • Overall, your pet should be able to be around new people and animals and able to adjust to living in a new environment. 

  • We require dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered and will provide the service for a low cost fee upon acceptance to the program.



If you are experiencing a health crisis and will need an extended period of time in a hospital and/or recovery and do not have family or friends who will be able to house your animals during this time, please reach out to us to discuss options.


A doctor or social worker will need to provide proof of hospitalization or recovery.

Safety Net Programs

The Sue A. Redl Program for Animal Victims of Domestic Violence

Thanks to a generous gift from the Redl Family Foundation, DCSPCA can support victims and their children who are escaping domestic violence with the help of Grace Smith House. We provide free housing and veterinary care to the companion animals of these survivors while the families are in residence at Grace Smith House.

Loss of Housing due to Fire or Natural Disaster

If you and your family become temporarily unhoused due to a fire or natural disaster (flood, hurricane, tornado, etc), please reach out to us to discuss options.

If you believe you qualify for our Safety Net for Pets program, please reach out to our Intake Manager at (845)452-7722  ext. 403. Space is limited and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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