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End of Life Care With DCSPCA



We Know How Hard Goodbyes Are.
We’re Here to Help.

We love them. We want them to live forever. But inevitably the time comes when we must say goodbye. DCSPCA understands the difficulty of this moment for pet parents. This special relationship we have with our furry family members, and the hope of giving them the most peaceful goodbye possible is what has inspired Transitions, offering services so you can give your companion animals the same care in passingas you offered them in life. Through Transitions, you and your beloved pet can experience their passage through the end of life with dignity, comfort, and serenity.

If you wish to purchase a memorial plaque in our lobby, a paver or a painted stone in our memorial garden, please contact our Development Director at (845) 452-7722  ext.436

Our Services

Initial Quality of Life Consultation With Veterinarian - Virtual or In-Person (1/2 hour)
Follow-up Quality of Life Exam or Consultation
In-Office Euthanasia
At-Home Euthanasia
Communal Cremation (up to 150lbs) - Ink paw/nose print included. Ashes to be interred in our Memorial Garden.
Private Cremation - Ink paw/nose print included. Ashes to be returned in a tin box within 7 days.
Private Cremation - Small Animals up to 9lbs: MIce, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Ferrets, etc.
Private Cremation - Cats & Dogs up to 24lbs
Private Cremation - Cats & Dogs 25 - 49lbs
Private Cremation - Cats & Dogs 50-74lbs
Private Cremation - Cats & Dogs 75-99lbs
Private Cremation - Cats & Dogs 125-149lbs
Private Cremation - Cats & Dogs > 150lbs
Please Call
Cast of Paw Print
Internment in DCSPCA Cemetery with memorial service (includes cremation)
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