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NEW! DNA Testing for Dogs

NEW! Mutt Hut Dog Grooming and Catty Shack Cat Grooming at the DCSPCA

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NEW! DNA Testing for Dogs

Curious what kind of dog you have? Let our staff find the answer for you. We use Wisdom Panel™ MX, the gold standard in genetic breed identification for mixed-breed dogs. The cost is just $125.00. Dial 452-7722 ext. 403 to make an appointment today.


NEW! Mutt Hut Dog Grooming and Catty Shack Cat Grooming at the DCSPCA

The DCSPCA offers professional grooming for your dog or cat.  Mary Ellen Cordier is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to groom dogs and cats. All of the proceeds from the DCSPCA MUTT HUT and the DCSPCA CATTY SHACK will go to help the homeless animals of the shelter.

Mary Ellen has over 25 years of experience with local veterinarians. She started learning the grooming business when she was just 13 years old! Mary Ellen has such a strong love for the homeless animals, and volunteers to groom our shelter animals. She has been enormously helpful grooming dogs and cats that have been seriously neglected and terribly matted. She has alleviated their suffering and made them beautiful!

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call the Animal Services Office at (845) 452-7722 ext. 408. Mary Ellen will be happy to speak with you!


Cemetery / Crematorium Information

Faithful Companion Pet Cemetery and Crematorium

Faithful Companion’s staff understands the pain and loss felt when a beloved pet passes away.

Services Offered Include:

• Private cremation with cremains returned in a decorative tin
• A full selection of beautiful urns
• Communal cremations
• Burials in our lovely on site pet cemetery
• Memorial grave markers
• Beautiful flowering memorial trees planted on cemetery grounds with plaque
• Pick-up service
• Cremation Certificate
• Grief Counseling

All proceeds from Faithful Companion’s operation go directly to the homeless animals at the Dutchess County SPCA. This lasting tribute allows us to rehabilitate and rehome the unwanted and abused animals in our community.

You may request our services through your veterinarian or by contacting our Faithful Companion Director, George Roussey directly at 845-452-7722 ext. 407. Walk-ins are welcome, seven days a week.

Click here for a list of urns that are available for purchase through the Faithful Companion Crematorium Manager.


Lost / Found Services & Lost Pet Guidelines

The Dutchess County SPCA understands how frightening it can be when a beloved pet is missing. So many animals are brought to our shelter and are listed as strays because they aren’t wearing a collar with tags. They may never have had one, or the collar may have come off. Either way, without identification, we can’t locate the owner and return the animal to it’s rightful home, so we often spend a lot of time finding a new home for an animal that may already have one. And you run the risk of never seeing your beloved pet again.

As the saying goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, we offer the following tips:
• Always make sure that your pet has some form of identification. Name tags, tattoo, or microchipping all dramatically increase the chances of pet being returned to you if it becomes lost
• Photograph all pets to keep on file and update the photos from time to time
• During unusually busy times such as the holidays or Halloween when lots of people are visiting your home, keep your pet safe and secure in a closed bedroom
• If pets are afraid of loud noises, keep them secure during thunderstorms and 4th of July.

    To list your pet or search for your pet online try the following sites:

    Find Fido

    Lost and Found


    Lost Pet Guidelines

Bon BonFirst and foremost, remember to STAY CALM and don’t give up hope. Losing a pet is frightening, but many mistakes can be made and time wasted if your actions are not thought out with a clear head. These guidelines are designed for quick, easy reference and are listed in the order you should proceed.

• Do not hesitate to ask for help from family, friends, neighbors, etc…
• Working in groups of 2 or more, start searching around the area the animal was last seen
• Distribute pictures of animal and/or detailed description: name, breed, color, sex, markings or tattoos, weight, collar or tags
• Don’t forget children on bikes can cover a large area
• Cell phones will help to communicate with others in the search party
• Try different times of day or night. Cats are more active early morning and at night. Dogs may be active anytime and may tend to run farther. Also, dogs may burrow into self made dens and cats may climb trees.
• DO NOT CHASE AND NEVER YELL AT THE ANIMAL! Establish contact by calling and whistling. Be cautious, however, about calling your pet across a busy road. Remember- stay calm. Attempt to stop or slow traffic, keep your own safety in mind
• Bring a flashlight for evening search. Carry a leash or slip collar and carrying case to catch the animal and prevent escape
• Systematically extend the search to surrounding areas. Drive through the neighborhood while calling calmly
• Bring canned pet food warmed in a microwave to entice your pet. The warming intensifies the aroma.
• Place Hav-a-Hart traps in areas where your pet may have been spotted or regularly visits

• Humane Shelters : Dutchess County SPCA (452-7722) Ulster County SPCA ( 331-5377), Putnam County SPCA ( 225-7777) Columbia/Greene SPCA ( 518-828-6044)
• Animal Emergency Clinic of the Hudson Valley ( 471- 8242 )
Animal Control Facilities: Phone numbers are usually listed under local government offices in blue pages of phone book
• Animal Welfare Agencies: Mid-Hudson Animal Aid ( 831-4321) Animal Rescue Foundation ( 831-5161)
• Local Veterinarians

Contact immediately — some facilities euthanize within 5 days

Do not underestimate how far an animal can travel in a short amount of time. Your pet’s appearance may change through weight loss or matted and dirty coat. Also, someone else’s interpretation of your description may vary greatly. Collars can be broken off and your pet may no longer be wearing tags. Everyone who knows the animal should help visit these places in person, repeatedly.

Also call your Local police, State Troopers, County Sheriffs: Remember- DO NOT USE 911 to report your missing pet. Phone numbers are in the blue pages of your phone book.

• Use clear photograph if available
• Give detailed descriptions of above photograph
• Mark the date the animal was lost
• Write “ REWARD” at top of flyer, but not an amount
• Note if animal needs medication
• Always list phone number(s) so people can call. Tear tags listing phone number are very easy to make and convenient. Be sure someone will answer 24 hours a day
• Make words LARGE and Easy to Read
• Flyers printed with inkjet printers will run if they get wet. Save these for indoors

• Always ask permission to post flyer. Bring your own tape and pushpins and post the flyer yourself.
• Post at professional pet places: Veterinary offices, Animal Hospitals, Emergency Clinics, Feed Stores, Groomers, Kennels, Pet Shops and Dog Training Schools
• Post at general places: Community bulletin boards, shopping centers, places of worship, schools, grocery stores, gas stations, post offices, laundromats, trees or telephone poles in highly trafficked areas

5. HAND OUT FLYERS: In your local area all day long, especially to people who travel regularly through your neighborhood, like:
• Mail Delivery Persons ( also UPS and FEDEX drivers )
• Meter Readers
• Newspaper Delivery Persons
• Police and Fire Departments
• Department of Highway Workers

• Newspapers ( both local and slightly outside the area )
• Radio Stations
• Local T.V. Stations

- Other Sources
• Dog Breed Rescue Groups ( most shelters have a listing of phone numbers )
• Petfinders ( 1-800-666-5678 ) www.petfinder.com

KEEP SEARCHING!! Many pets can disappear for months and still turn up.

Once you have found your pet, please remember to notify everyone of that fact, and please remove all flyers previously posted.


Intake Procedures

FraggleThe mission of the Dutchess County SPCA is to help the abandoned, abused homeless animals of Dutchess County. To support this mission we will always give priority to those animals first. Also, as a shelter that accepts animals involved in Humane Law cases, from time to time we might not be able to accept incoming animals from private homes.

We encourage pet owners to resolve issues on their own before considering placing their pet in a shelter. Animal shelters are stressful places for animals. Here are some ways to resolve common concerns:

If you’re moving: Please allow plenty of time to either locate a new residence that accepts pets or to find a home for your pet.

If your pet is having behavioral problems please do your best to solve them. Speak to your veterinarian and contact an animal trainer for classes and other suggestions. Some behavioral issues are caused by underlying medical problems. Others may be addressed through training or by making changes to your pet’s environment and household routines.

If someone in your home is suffering with allergies, please consult a physician as there are a number of medical possibilities to help. Consult your veterinarian as there are some pet food additives that can reduce pet dander. You can also create a clean room in your house with an animal free zone and use hypo allergenic pillows and pillow covers

If however, you find that you still must relinquish your pet to our shelter:
     • You will need to call for an appointment. (please inquire about schedule)
     • A spayed or neutered animal that is up to date on vaccinations will receive priority admittance.
     • You will be asked to fill out a Cat or Dog Personality Profile Form to assist us in finding your pet a new home      
           Cat Personality Profile    
           Dog Personality Profile
     •There is an intake fee

Please note that if you miss your scheduled appointment, you will again be placed at the end of any waiting list and must establish another appointment.

Because the shelter is a stressful environment for any animal, we urge you to place your pet privately whenever possible. Our shelter has an incredibly successful adoption percentage, but the sad reality is that some animals remain at our shelter for many months waiting for a new home.

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Low Cost Spay / Neuter Information

LOW-COST SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC for dogs, house cats and feral cats. These services are available to anyone... your pet/feral cat does not have to been adopted from the DCSPCA to use the clinic services.

*Call the shelter at 452-7722 ext. 403 for more information and to pre-pay for your appointment.

House Cats
• $80.00 includes a rabies vaccination
• Proof of Feline Distemper vaccination, given at least 3 weeks prior to surgery is required.
• If you do not have proof of Feline Distemper stop by the shelter in Hyde Park with your cat. We charge $25.00 for Feline Distemper vaccination. We will book your spay/neuter surgical appointment at the time of the vaccination allowing at least 3 weeks between vaccination and the surgery.
• We require pre-payment to book appointments. Call with a credit card to book an appointment or stop by the shelter during business hours. You are not required to bring your cat to book the appointment unless a Distemper vaccination is required.

Feral Cats (Trap, Vaccinate, Spay/Neuter, and Return program)
• $40.00 includes a rabies vaccination and ear notch. Ear notching is required to receive the discounted price of $40.00
• Proof of Feline Distemper vaccination is not required

                                   SPAY      NEUTER

Up to 40 pounds         $150          $120
41-80 pounds             $160           $130
81+ pounds                $180           $150

Free rabies shot included (if needed)

Hernia repair               up to $30 extra
Females in heat          up to $30 extra

~Injectable pain meds included.
~pain meds to go home are additional.

• Proof of Distemper vaccination is not required
• We require pre-payment to book appointments. Call with a credit card to book an appointment or stop by the shelter during business hours.

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Youth Educational Programs

Do you need a speaker for your club or organization?

Call (845) 454-5345 ext 413 or e-mail us at info@dcspca.org to schedule a date.

We are available for speaking engagements in schools or to groups, clubs and troops. Through our PAWS program (Proper food, Attention, Water, and Shelter) for school children, we will come to your classroom with one of our four legged friends and speak about the tender loving care of our wonderful and special pets. Programs that enable the children to help the homeless animals of the DCSPCA can be arranged.

All of our educational programs stress early intervention and primary prevention as an important informational tool in both the prevention of cruelty to animals and teaching respect for all forms of life. We look forward to your call.

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Safe Pet Sheltering

The Dutchess County SPCA and Grace Smith House are working together to protect battered women and their pets. The DCSPCA will provide safe shelter for pets while battered women stay at the Grace Smith House emergency shelter. Contact Grace Smith House for more information at (845) 471-3033

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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion".